Back pain, must be disc herniation?These are also common causes of low back pain!collect

Lumbar pain does not distinguish between men and women, regardless of age, and the incidence is high.To be precise, low back pain is just a symptom, not an independent disease.Many diseases cause back pain. Only when the specific cause of low back pain can be treated with symptomatic treatment, can it have an immediate effect.Let ’s take a look at the common diseases that cause low back pain. Do n’t think it is a disc herniation, and briefly introduce the characteristics of the“ low back pain ”of each disease.

It may be kidney stones and ureteral stones: often cause back pain.Kidney stones prefer men, which are related to many factors such as living conditions, personal metabolism and diseases of the urinary system itself.Medicine is called kidney colic.

Low pain Features: If the waist and abdomen suddenly feel super painful, and the pain is emitted along the body along the ureter, it is likely to be kidney colic.This colic hurts particularly suddenly, especially severe, it can last for several minutes to tens of minutes, and some people will hurt for several hours.In addition, many patients with kidney stones are only manifested as hidden pain and pain in the waist.

It may be lumbar spinal projection: more common in young adults, as usual office staff, drivers and farmers and workers who often bend over.Because the disc herniation lacks blood supply, the repair ability is relatively weak.Therefore, if it is maintained or repeated for a long time, the intervertebral discs will be squeezed, pulling and reversing in all aspects, especially when they are under pressure, so that the aging of the intervertebral disc was dragged out.

Low pain Features: The back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation also has a very strong "personal characteristics". At the same time on the back pain, or the legs on both sides (can be accompanied by leg pain on the same side, and even the pain of the foot)The toe feels numb.However, pain is not the only criterion for judgment. Doctors also need to combine the situation of the physical examination, and the results of imaging examinations such as MRI or CT. It can be clearly diagnosed after comprehensive consideration.

It may be lumbar muscle strain: In fact, many people have back pain because of muscle strain, and there are two good people who have lumbar muscle strain. One is those who have been bent over for a long time, such as carriers;People, because you sit there to keep a posture, and maintain the waist muscles of the sitting position, you must continue to shrink for a morning, it will definitely sore, and it will naturally damage after a long time.

Features of low back pain: The back pain is obvious before getting up in the morning, the back pain can be relieved after getting up, and the back pain appears again and aggravated after seated.Specifying the waist gently, it feels more comfortable.

It may be osteoporosis: common in the elderly, especially after menopause; people who have long -term insufficient calcium intake; people who lack exercise or stay in bed for a long time; too low or smoking, alcoholism, drinking caffeine drinks, etc.People who are accustomed to; those who have osteoporosis in the family. The above are high -risk groups of osteoporosis. It is recommended to perform bone density examination once a year.

Low pain Features: 75%of patients with osteoporosis have symptoms of back pain. This pain is generally lighter during the day and will increase at night.Many patients will continue to have symptoms such as waist and back pain, back soreness, and heavy sense, and also have slight hump and deformity, and they will also cramp from time to time.

It may be infection of reproductive system. Women have to come to more than 400 menstruation in their lives, and they also have the mission of pregnancy, childbirth, etc. Some women have experienced abortion and birthproofing surgery. Therefore, Pelvic inflammation, etc., these inflammation can easily bring back pain.In addition, severe reproductive organ diseases such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, and ovarian cysts may also cause compression and implication of low back pain.

Low pain Features: This kind of low back pain may first be only slight backache, small belly pain, and vaginal secretions increase.Many people think that it is lumbar muscle strain or menstruation. If you don’t take it serious, it is easy to transform into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Many people know that this disease is because of Jay Chou, and ankylosing spondylitis mostly occurs in men. It has obvious family heredity. The age of 20 to 30 is the peak of the onset.If young patients have low back pain for a long time, but there is no obvious history of lumbar injury, they must be alert to ankylosing spondylitis.

Features of low back pain: The back of the waist is stiff, the symptoms will increase after rest, but it will be alleviated after exercise, and low back pain will significantly worsen at night.

The above briefly introduces several most common diseases that can cause back pain. Everyone can see that these diseases involve orthopedic, endocrine, urology, and obstetrics and gynecology, and the treatment of each disease is also very different.The effective treatment must be based on the correct diagnosis, so when you see a doctor at the hospital, you must describe the symptoms clearly, carry as much information as possible to the doctor, and help doctors make the most accurate judgment.

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