Back pain during pregnancy is really uncomfortable, doctors teach you 7 tricks to relieve

Juanzi, who loves the lively and loves party, has no friends to go out since she was pregnant some time ago.Friends all thought she needed to raise her tires quietly, and she did not disturb her.

On this day, I received the news on WeChat, only to know that she had been pregnant for more than 6 months, and recently encountered some problems:

Juanzi: Recently, back pain, and getting worse, standing pain, sitting in pain, and painful lying down.Even sleeping is unbeatable ~ What should you do?

Looking at the crying expression from Juanzi, I know her current mood very well.

Mothers who have experienced pregnancy have experienced back pain. Is there a way to relieve it?

1. In the middle and late pregnancy, the growth of the fetus tends to stabilize and rapidly. The abdomen of the pregnant woman needs to stretch the uterus that has become larger, and the abdomen will become larger and heavy. At this timeCause the burden on the waist and back.

At the same time, for the sake of balance, the body will involuntarily move the center of gravity, and the stomach will stand forward, forming a kind of busty stomach unique to a pregnant woman.

This posture can cause excessive spinal anterior bumps, and the continuous tension of spinal muscles can cause excessive fatigue on the back of the waist and back, which will cause back pain.

2. During pregnancy, Baoma will be carried out of serum relaxin. The main function is to allow the original stable skeletal tissue structure of pelvis, joints, ligaments, etc. to start loosening and easy to stretch. Fortunately, the fetus can pass the birth canal smoothly during production.

However, relaxation hormones can also lead to ligament and muscle relaxation in the pelvis and spine around the pelvis and spine, which causes inflammation and pain.

1. Reasonably control the weight of pregnancy

Excessive weight will undoubtedly increase the additional burden on the back of the waist. Therefore, it is very important to control the weight of expectant mothers. The entire pregnancy is the most ideal to increase the weight of 12 kilograms. It can avoid excessive load on the back and reduce the occurrence of back pain.

2. Calcium supplement during pregnancy

Insufficient calcium intake during pregnancy can easily cause the bone quality of pregnant women to soften calcium deficiency and cause back pain.

Usually, you can take more days, supplement vitamin D appropriately, eat more foods such as milk products, soy products, etc., to ensure sufficient calcium intake and enhance the strength of the bones.

3. Prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes

As the weight of the fetus gradually increases, when the mother walks, the load on the feet is also increasing. If the shoes cannot provide a good supporting effect, it is easy to cause problems such as heel pain and sole fasciitis. Compared with high heels,Flat shoes are really safer and more comfortable.

4. Use the belt

In addition to slowing the heavy burden on the abdomen of the expectant mother, the belly belt can also support the waist, make the waist more powerful, and reduce the degree of back pain.

Some doctors will recommend using it from 20 weeks of pregnancy. You can buy belt belt and belly trousers according to your needs.

5. Pregnant women’s pillow to relieve low back pain at night

Lumbar pain during the day is annoying, and the back pain when sleeping at night is even more abominable.

At this time, it is best to use the side lying posture; the mattress is better and can support the body; if necessary, you can equip a pregnant woman’s pillow, a U -shaped, L type, etc., which can help the mother hold the abdomen and waist and relieve the symptoms of low back pain.

6. Exercise appropriately

Under the guidance of professional coaches, you can do pregnancy yoga, and you can usually do some simple stretching exercises and walking.Regular exercise can enhance muscle tolerance, improve physical flexibility, and help relieve back muscle tension.

And it will release "internal morphine" during exercise, which has the effect of relieving pain and conveying pleasure.

7. Local massage/hot compress

Massage and hot compresses can relieve muscle tension.At home, the prospective dad can help expectant mothers to massage the waist and make the local heat feel, so as to reduce the waist discomfort; it can also be used for local hot compresses, and the hot compresses can be reduced for half an hour a day to reduce the pain.

Warm reminder: Back pain during pregnancy is a physiological reaction. If the above method still cannot relieve low back pain, or the pain is becoming stronger and stronger. Remember to seek the help of an obstetrician and gynecologist. Do not use analgesic ointment at will at will.Essence

Readers and friends, do you still have better suggestions or stories about the topic of back pain during pregnancy?Looking forward to your message!

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