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About 50%to 80%of women have experienced hip and back pain during pregnancy. Although the back pain of pregnant women is a normal side effect of pregnancy, it can be relieved by pillows, exercise and massage, but there are some more complicated but still stillCommon diseases related to hip and back pregnancy.The following is the three most common disease -related diseases and how to cope with during pregnancy.

what is it

Whenever a pregnant woman sitting is trying to stand up, she feels that the left hip is very painful. She needs to limp for a few minutes or longer before it can be relieved.It feels a bit like muscle strain or cramps.In fact, sacroiliac joint pain usually feels like a severe bumps on the back or hips, which may extend to the legs.Many women think that they have sciatica, but this is sacroiliac pain.

Why happened

The sacroiliac joint is the intersection of the spine and the pelvis.During pregnancy, hormones can cause joint relaxation, which may make you bias aside, which may cause inflammation and more pain.

what can we do about it

Bath with warm water.This is a good therapy. As long as you control the water temperature below 37.5 degrees, any high temperature may affect the fetus.Another choice: Go to see the spine masseur before giving birth, he can make spine adjustments to help you correct weight imbalances.

what is it

Lumbar pain is a pain in the middle of the back of the waist. Lumbar pain usually begins with the first three months of pregnancy or three months.Pregnant women with lumbar pain are back pain before pregnancy. These problems suddenly intensify due to changes in the body during pregnancy.

Why happened

If you have a waist problem, your risk is even greater.The spontaneous attack of lumbar spine pain is not uncommon.Due to the development of the uterus, the abdominal muscles are stretched, and the center of gravity moves forward.This will cause great pressure on the back muscles.

what can we do about it

Cat and cattle stretching movement is the most effective. You can do the exercise of this posture 10 to 15 times a day. The method is the ground with the limbs. When you inhale and exhale, you can bows your waist alternately and around your back.Finally, if possible, change your daily habits: the longer you stand, the more severe the pain may be, because the pressure on additional weight will cause back tension and poor posture.

what is it

Sciatica pain makes your hips, legs, and thighs like a sharp knife -cut pain.Only 1%of mothers have experienced this kind of experience.

Why happened

When your baby grows in your body, his head will compress the sciatic nerves, causing disc herniation to protrude or protruding.

what can we do about it

The obstetrician and gynecologists recommend sitting on a hard tennis, which can provide deep massage to help relieve pain.Pregnant women’s massage is also very effective.Although you may not be able to prevent the sciatica, you may not be able to prevent it, but you will be easier to control pain by maintaining your body and avoiding weight gain.

Of course, we all know that it is difficult to control back and hip pain.But these are temporary.Unsuitable disappeared after the child was born.

Many pregnant women think that back pain is only part of the nine -month plan.But if there is extreme pain, then it is not normal. You need to see a doctor: your pain is very serious.Normal painkillers do not relieve symptoms.You lose your consciousness.Pain spreads to the ribs (maybe kidney infections).You have back pain and accompanied by fever

Don’t wear high heels: Any high heels over 2 cm can cause pain.High -heeled shoes will move your center of gravity in dramatic, leading to excessive tension on the back muscles.

Don’t raise your weight: During your pregnancy, your muscles will be more relaxed, so you will increase the risk of muscle tension because of weightlifting.

Incorrect posture: Poor posture will increase the pressure on the back muscles.

Regardless of this, all the pain is temporary, and after all, it will pass. When the baby is born, you will completely forget these pains.

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