Back pain and back pain and energy are not as good as before?It is likely that your kidney is calling the police …

"People pass 40, day by noon."After 40 years of age, people are like the sun who is about to go down the mountain. Gradually find that the function of the body is declining. The energy is not as good as before.Essence

"Kidney is innate foundation."Western medicine believes that the kidney is an excrement organ and is responsible for detoxification and urination. However, in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney contains the nervous system, endocrine system, reproductive system, and urinary system of the human body.Very close relationship.

Once kidney deficiency, people will have various problems, such as loss of respiratory function, abnormal metabolism of water and fluids, bones, brain, ears, nose, etc., like a car, when the engine is insufficient, other functions cannot continue to use.

1 waist and knee soft

"The main bone of the kidney", the kidney can raw marrow, and the marrow can nourish the bone.When the renal essence is deficient, the bone marrow is also "transformed into no source", which will cause the bones to lose nourishment.

Middle -aged and elderly people are more likely to have symptoms of reduced immunity, soft waist and knees, lack of mental mental, and even fall off their teeth prematurely.

▲ The difference between kidney deficiency and back pain and lumps of back pain

2 urinary system disease

The kidney and the bladder are in the surface. The kidney deficiency can cause the bladder to be unfavorable. Prostate mysyum, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, excessive or too little urine, increased the number of nighturia, and difficulty in urination.

3 Decrease brain function

"The brain is the sea of marrow", and the brain also depends on the nourishment of kidney essence.Insufficient kidney qi can cause insufficient nutrition of the brain, which will cause symptoms such as loss of brain memory, slow response, headache and other symptoms, increasing the risk of insomnia and dementia.

4 tinnitus and blindness

"Kidney qi is through the ear". When the kidney qi is insufficient, the body will cause weakness and emptiness of the marrow, which will cause tinnitus and hearing to decrease; vision is related to the liver, and liver and kidney deficiency can also cause eye diseases such as decline in vision.

5 sexual dysfunction

Kidney essence is deficient and reproductive ability is weakened.With the age of age, men’s testicular sperm cells will decline, damage, and aging, and gradually occur, and gradually occur with sperm and even non -sperm.

If the endocrine disorders of the kidney system such as testicles, prostate, and seminal gland, sperm cannot be normally nourished, transported, and stored normally, which will cause sperm mass to decrease, increase malformation sperm, etc., causing reproductive dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and infertility.

Generally, women are 35 years old and men are 40 years old. The human body function has changed from prosperity to decline, and natural aging has begun to appear.The kidney is the first internal organs, and the symptoms of kidney deficiency gradually show the symptoms of kidney deficiency, but the specific symptoms vary from person to person.

1. Do not take medicine

Many painkillers, cold medicines and Chinese herbal medicine have renal toxicity, such as: sulfa, scatomycin, chainsicin, galcinin, etc.Fragrant and so on.

If the condition needs to be used, the patient can choose drugs that have less damage to the kidneys under the guidance of a doctor.At the same time, drink more water during the medication to promote the excretion of the drug.

2. Light diet and less salt

Too much salt intake, sodium in salt can make the body’s moisture difficult to discharge, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

3. Do not urinate

The urine is staying in the bladder, which is easy to breed bacteria and indirectly infect the kidneys.

4. Control diabetes and hypertension

Poor blood pressure and blood glucose control cause vascular sclerosis and cause kidney disease.

5. Regular inspection

It is best to do urine and renal dysfunction every six months to one year. Especially when women are pregnant, urine routine and renal function should be monitored.

Of course, the prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency can not be done by a single drug or diet.Instead of worrying about what to eat every day, the following 5 kinds of kidney nourishing methods are easier and easy to do, and men and women are suitable!

1 Foreign Labor Palace and kidney

Before going to bed every night, your hands are leaning against your waist and lying on the bed. After 5-10 minutes, the heat sensation will gradually spread throughout the body.


"The waist is the house of the kidney", rubbing the waist and eyes can clear the veins and enhance the kidney function.After each time, rub your waist and eyes with both hands with your back, you will feel the waist fever.

3 Soak your feet in hot water, press Yongquan Point, Shenshu Point

Soak your feet with hot water every night, and repeatedly rub the "Yongquan" acupoints with your feet with your feet 30-50 times, and repeatedly shoot, knock, push rubbing, massage the "Shenshu" acupoints on both sides of the waist 30-50 times, thenThe effect is better.

4 Massage Taixi Point

The Taixi Acupoint is located in the inside of the foot, behind the inner ankle, and the depression between the tip of the interior and the Achilles tendon, massage 30-50 times.

5 massage Guanyuan Acupoint

Guanyuan Acupoint is located at the four horizontal fingers below the umbilicus, rubbing both hands and massaging 30 ~ 50 times at the belly of Guanyuan Point.

Xiao Jian also recommends a dietary porridge that can drink daily, conditioning kidney qi and warming kidney essence.

Sanren nourish kidney porridge

Materials: 10 grams of cashews, 10 grams of coriander, 5 grams of peanuts, 250 grams of japonica rice, 10 grams of walnuts.

Method: Just cook porridge.It is best not to lose the distinction of peanuts and walnuts. In this way, the effect of replenishing kidney essence is better. You can also add a little custers to cook porridge together.

Efficacy: This porridge has the effect of flating yin and yang, and people with cold or hot constitutions can eat.

In winter cold, we are prone to insufficient yang and weak renal essence.In addition to the daily diet and exercise conditioning, if the symptoms are obvious, you can consult the doctor and use Chinese medicine to adjust it.

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