B -ultrasound, in the face of the daughter’s life -saving benefactor to check the gender, and finally fell into the trap of others

Zheng Xinnan is a B -ultrasound doctor in a hospital in Hunan. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is upright and selfless, and Jingde is noble.Unexpectedly, one day, his daughter’s life -saving benefactor came to ask the sex of the fetus. Will Dr. Zheng say?

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① Secrets of the hospital: Doctors must have gray income?

In June 2010, when Wang Yan graduated from medical care, when he reported to a municipal -level hospital under the jurisdiction of Changsha, Hunan Province, the first doctor he met was Zheng Xinnan.

At the age of 40, he looked short, with a wide -looking bridge with a pair of wide -side glasses. He was a B -ultrasound doctor.There is also a female classmate who reported to Wang Yan. Dr. Zheng, as the director of the video department, took the initiative to go to the train station to welcome them.

After confirming his identity, Dr. Zheng took the initiative to help them carry their luggage to the car, and then carried them into a hotel with a good reputation in the local area to wash the dust for them.

This meal is very red and right.Dr. Zheng constantly emphasized that in addition to technology and responsibility, it is more important to be professional ethics and ethics.This made Wang Yan almost think that Dr. Zheng was invited by the dean to brainwash them. Until the official admission hospital, he became the assistant of Dr. Zheng. After seeing his daily work in the B -ultrasound room, Dr. Zheng knew that Dr. Zheng was in the wind in the wind.The banquet is vain.

"Dr. Zheng, please, tell me!" A 27 -year -old young pregnant woman was lying on the bed, her face was embarrassed, her face was biased towards Dr. Zheng, and she wanted to know the sex of the fetus."Internal pregnancy is live, and the placenta is prefixed. It can be seen that the fetal heart is beating, the fetal movement is good, the fetal spine, limbs, four -cavity cardiac sides and internal organs are not clear due to the pregnancy of the pregnancy weeks …" Dr. Zheng sat at the B -ultrasound machine.Repeatedly repeated the results of the inspection, and Wang Yan quickly entered into the diagnosis as he said.

"I can give you money!" The family standing on the side of the pregnant woman immediately hugged Dr. Zheng."Don’t you know? Our three -generation single biography, both of the young couples have public office, and it is impossible to have indicators …" the family said anxiously and anxiously."Sorry, this is my career, the others are not in the category of my work!" Dr. Zheng answered coldly.The family members of the pregnant woman were angry and became angry, and they shot the envelope with a thick stack of money and opened the abuse mode.

Dr. Zheng had already seen it and was not surprised that he rang the next call number.This is the daily life of Dr. Zheng, because the local and young and female thoughts are very serious, and people want boys.

Dr. Zheng’s hometown was in Guangxi. After the university in Hunan, he married a local girl and gave birth to a daughter Congcong.All the tuition and daily costs of the four siblings of the wife’s family were burned by Dr. Zheng.Someone asked him how he did it. Dr. Zheng only smiled and did not answer.

Because of Dr. Zheng’s silence, there are always people rumored that he uses the hospital’s resources to show gender and charge high fees.On one occasion, a union cadre of the hospital wants to introduce the object to Wang Yan.The union cadre exaggerated the boy if he was Pan An, and he was better than Ji Xiaolan, so that Wang Xun had to take it anyway to see the previous side.Wang Yan helplessly giving his life with him.The funny thing is that on the day of the blind date, the boy’s mother also came.The boy’s mother is a strong and abnormal gossip woman. After seeing Wang Yan, she identified Wang Yan as her daughter -in -law, and also told Wang Yan about many secrets about the hospital, including Dr. Zheng.

The boy’s mother asked Wang Yan: "Doctors have gray income, do you have? How much? Can you disclose it?" Wang Yan was extremely embarrassed, and told the truth: "No, at least I didn’t see which doctor or took care of it.What do you do, let alone the gray income. "Male believes in the mother does not believe it, and continue to ask:" You can blindly me, Dr. Zheng of your hospital B -ultrasound room does not know how much money he has won!No one goes to the clinic registered, takes cash or stuff the red envelope into his drawer, many people have seen it! "

Wang Yan was too lazy to explain that in their hospital, the cost of a B -ultrasound was 120 yuan. If it was done for the second time, it was still half price.Can the patient commit a red envelope? Even if they want to bribe the doctor to know the sex of the fetus, but the person of Dr. Zheng is not interesting? Besides, in the eyes of Wang Xun, Dr. Zheng is not only a doctor with high professional literacy, but alsoVery literary.Dr. Zheng not only has literary talents, but also very emotional.Because of the same hobbies, they often communicate together.Wang Yan can always see his article publishing in the inside and some heavyweight publications.In those years, it was the golden age of the paper media. These publications not only affected the extensive manuscript fees, but also were quite generous.

In addition, Dr. Zheng will also blow Sax. He has a training course in his spare time, ranging from 50 to 200 yuan for each lesson. There are more than a dozen students in one -to -one teaching.He once told Wang Yan that these income was four or five times that of his salary.At that time, this was a very great high income.Therefore, if Dr. Zheng has an additional income, it is not surprising at all, making money by the ability, and obtaining legitimate income by labor, what is it impossible?

② Going out of the house: The noble and despicable buying the house quickly

One day in April 2015, Wang Yan took an article just written and wanted to ask Dr. Zheng to give pointers. When he walked to the B -ultrasound room, he found that people were blocked at the door and looked like a doctor.Her first reaction was to quickly flash people.Call the police.But thinking about it again, Dr. Zheng was still inside. If he was killed or injured by the doctor, it would be bad.Thinking of this, she hurriedly accepted the footsteps to run, took off the nurse uniform, and opened the crowded crowd, and entered the B -ultrasound room.In the B -ultrasound room, Dr. Zheng was swollen with a blue face, and he was lying on the ground.His glasses were thrown aside, the lenses were broken, and the frame was severely deformed.

"Big Sister" is a woman with five major and three rudes. She sat up with Dr. Zheng and squatted on the ground and kept saying something.

Wang Yan did not dare to act rashly. After asking the colleagues around him, he knew that the "leading sister" was Dr. Zheng’s lover.She didn’t love Dr. Zheng. She married him at first, and she fancy his career and income.

After Dr. Zheng successively provided her brother and sister, she didn’t want to get money anymore, but his wife did not do it, making trouble with him, and a family violence.Dr. Zheng could not bear to divorce.His wife did not want to lose the cash machine, and ran to the hospital to make trouble. At the end, Dr. Zheng did not want to entangle it anymore, and simply gave her all the money and house on the family passbook and went out of the house.The colleagues in the hospital were upset for him, but Dr. Zheng just pushed the frame of the new glasses up the vertebrae and said, "It’s okay, please be pure, the daughter follows her, there is money to spend, and there is a house to live." It is good. "

Divorced his wife, and only one year after leaving the house, Dr. Zheng bought another house with another loan, with a down payment of 260,000.The news caused a sensation in the entire hospital. Earlier, the speculation about doctors, and the down payment incident, various rumors were very arrogant, and Wang Yan couldn’t help but have a doubt, but after all, he was a leader, and Wang Yan was not good at asking.

General B -ultrasound doctors need to see the gender clearly for four months.However, according to relevant regulations, relevant certificates of inspection and registration should be checked and registered before the end of 14 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, it is very important to know the sex of the fetus before the pregnancy of the pregnant woman who knows that the sex of the fetus is eager to give birth and does not want to increase the fetal fetus.

It is rumored that when the fetal pregnancy week was just 12 weeks ago, only Dr. Zheng’s eye power could be identified by men and women, and it was 100 % correct.Therefore, as long as Dr. Zheng is on duty, patients in the surrounding cities and counties will come here, even if people have already reached the stairs, even if they need to wait for a noon, or even longer, they are willing.If it is a boy, the family members of pregnant women will be very happy. As soon as the red envelope is given three or five thousand yuan: If it is a girl, the family members will give it by heart and friendship.If Dr. Zheng rely on this underground income, it is not surprising that the down payment for a house will soon be enough.

Dr. Zhao, deputy director of the B -ultrasound room, is convinced of this rumor, and spreads in a timely manner.Dr. Zhao’s qualifications are actually very high, but she has always lived under the shadow of Dr. Zheng, because everyone would rather wait, and she had to stay in Dr. Zheng to do a B -ultrasound when she was in work. Basically, Dr. Zhao was ignored.The presence.

Dr. Zhao was particularly hated for this. In addition, she once made a B -ultrasound for the acquaintance. When she sent her family members to go out, she hinted in the body language that the sex of the fetus was just met by Dr. Zheng.Dr. Zheng severely warned her that she was even more resentful and thought he was serious.

Once, the daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law was hospitalized and was hospitalized and was hospitalized and came to the B -ultrasound room for examination.Wang Yan was a little uncomfortable at the time. He was not at the scene. When he came back, he heard her conversation with Dr. Zheng.

"Do you know who I am? My father -in -law asked, and again, money is not a problem. If these are not enough, I can call 2000 to your account!" The pregnant woman asked for a long time.

"Don’t embarrass me, this little doctor, this involves professional ethics. I love this job very much and don’t want to lose the rice bowl! This is Dr. Zheng’s voice." "Is your head installed in your head?Know, you don’t do me! "Dr. Zhao suddenly jumped out, and his voice was a bit loud.

In order to avoid embarrassment, Wang Yan deliberately retreated a few meters, and then stepped around in a heavy step at the door to walk in slowly.He was embarrassed, trying to squeeze a little, but he was even more ugly than crying.In the end, he just sighed and walked towards the end of the corridor.

After a while, the little daughter -in -law also came out, and she was resentful; "The doctor in your B -ultrasound room was really bad.nice!"

③ Fall into the trap: B -ultrasound doctors pour in rumors in the workshop

Sure enough, at the end of 2017, when Wang Xiu returned, he heard that the hospital said that there was a big deal in the B -ultrasound room. Dr. Zheng gave a fetal gender identification.More than 10,000 yuan in cash, all found and took away.

The day of the accident was the weekend. Dr. Zheng, the B -ultrasound room, was not on duty, but Dr. Zhao had nothing to do at home, so he had to call Dr. Zheng.

The pregnant woman who came to the B -ultrasound that day was Mo Ya, and was the neighbor of Dr. Zheng’s ex -wife’s family.She said that her belly was uncomfortable, her lower body was a bit bleeding, and she was accompanied by several family members.Dr. Zheng also knew these people because Mo Ya rescued Dr. Zheng Cong of Dr. Zheng.

When Cong Cong was 10 years old, he caught fish in the shrimp pond in his grandmother’s house and his friends.When Mo Ya was exposed to the fishing net, she just saw Dr. Zheng’s daughter.For this reason, Dr. Zheng was grateful.The entire department also knows this.Dr. Zheng told them that the fetus was well developed. At present, it is not a big deal. If you are not assured, you can also go to the outpatient to go to the hospital for observation.

Mo Ya and her family refused to leave, locked the door of the B -ultrasound room, and then said tears that their family had five daughters, sent two away, and had a miscarriage three times in the middle.This time was the ninth pregnancy. The fortune teller said that they hit a boy, because she did not dare to return to the village because there were too many superb births. In these years, they opened a small shop outside. No one cares.Just gave birth to so many children. Mo Ya’s uterus and vagina had severe relaxation and losing symptoms. This was her last chance. Please ask Dr. Zheng to point out whether the fetus is a boy or a girl.

Dr. Zheng was very embarrassed, and sitting there was not moving.These people took out a thick envelope and were rejected by Dr. Zheng."Otherwise, you see that I saved your daughter’s division and helped me last!" Mo Ya finally opened his mouth.Dr. Zheng stunned after listening.

"If you can refuse even the life -saving benefactor, you can accumulate for your daughter? If your daughter encounters any other life danger, who can help you?"Doctor, he finally sighed, saying the same as before.

Wang Yan asked his colleagues how to know so clearly. He said that someone learned that Mo Ya wanted to chase a boy. It was expected that she would come to Dr. Zheng to ask the gender, so she bought her family members.The cash of 10,000 yuan was stuffed to Dr. Zheng’s drawer.

After this incident, the hospital suddenly had an uproar.The next day, the daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law also reported the hotline of reporting, confirming that Dr. Zheng had a fetal gender identification for himself. He also said that he was fortunate to have a firm willpower at the time and chose to leave the child.

Her words were also confirmed by Dr. Zhao, who was looking for a conversation.Dr. Zhao said that she was also present at the time. Originally, others asked her to give her a fetal gender appraisal, but she always kept in mind the doctor’s mission and hospital regulations that she was unmoved before money and temptation.But Dr. Zheng was different. He was lacking money at that time, and he took the initiative to help with the loan.As a subordinate of Dr. Zheng, he has no way to compete with it. In order to protect his work, he can only open his eyes and close his eyes.Now, since it has been found, it naturally cooperates, to be honest.

"Iron Certificate" is like a mountain, Dr. Zheng is unable to argue.

Soon, Dr. Zheng’s physician qualification certificate was revoked, and the hospital fired him.According to the first place, Dr. Zhao should have been promoted to the director.Therefore, those who are not in the same way for Dr. Zheng believe that the person who issues a video must be Dr. Zhao.It was just unpredictable that after the hospital leaders carefully considered, they finally decided to let a young doctor who had a good reputation became the director of the B -ultrasound room. Dr. Zhao was so angry that he did not come to work for a whole week.

When Dr. Zheng left the hospital, Wang Yan asked him to dinner as a farewell. Wang Yan called for him angrily, and asked him if he found out if he was behind him.He said frankly that he didn’t want to find it.He felt that since he stepped on the minefield, his life painted the termination of his career, and he should be responsible for and pay for his actions.

He also said that although there is no public office and formal job now, it is easy to live. No one has suspicioned him, jealous of him, slandering him, and even hating him. This is also a blessing for his daughter in disguise!

When separated, Wang Yan still couldn’t hold back. Asked him, where did the down payment of the house come from? He laughed: "Which man does not carry his wife’s private money?" Wang Yan couldn’t bear it.Laughing.

In May 1st in 2020, Wang Xun encountered Dr. Zheng. He learned that he was remarried and now worked in a private clinic. He lived very well!

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