Awkward!Why do you always fart during pregnancy?Still special!

When you get together with your relatives and friends, you will accidentally slip out of the "fart" to make the atmosphere embarrassed;

When everyone is busy in the quiet office, a series of endless farts break the tranquility of the closed space;

When you want to live in the warm quilt for a while in the morning, a strange smell makes you instantly sober;


I am a expectant mother, please hold me!

Why do you love "?" during pregnancy?

Most farts are caused by flatulence.In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnancy hormone inhibits gastrointestinal motility, slows down the digestion, leading to farting, snoring, gastrointestinal flatulence, etc., as the uterus increases in the second trimester, it is compressed to most of the digestive systems, making the flatulence more frequent.It may even cause constipation.

Dear expectant mothers, maybe you pay great attention to your own image and behavior, but in this "very period", embarrassing situations such as frequent urination, farting, and meritorious weight will follow.Please relax, friends and colleagues around you will be considerate of you, don’t be stuck because you are afraid of embarrassment!

How to get this little "fart" ↓↓↓

1. Always keep the gastrointestinal motility

This is not only a way to reduce flatulence, but also helps to avoid constipation.

Because pregnancy slows down the digestive process of food in the gastrointestinal tract, on the one hand, the bacteria in the large intestine have more time to break down the substances that are not fully digested, resulting in a lot of gases and causing flatulence of gastrointestinal; on the other hand, food in the digestive tractThe longer the time to stay, the more water is absorbed, resulting in stool stool and causing constipation.

Specific suggestions: ◇ Food rich in dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is not easily digested by the intestine, and water can be absorbed like sponges, making the feces softer and promoting excretion.All valleys, beans, fruits, vegetables and potatoes are the main sources of dietary fiber, and the content of nuts and seeds is also very high.

In addition, when choosing a pregnant woman’s milk powder, expectant mothers can choose a formula with dietary fiber, such as Mead Johnson Anboy’s mother A+formula milk powder, adding dietary fiber -chrysanthemum powder, which helps to relieve constipation during pregnancy."Six high and one low" formula (high -level DHA, high choline, high protein, high -speed rail, high calcium, high folic acid, fat content is about 1/4 of pure milk) to help expectant mothers supplement balanced nutrition without worrying about being fat.

◇ Increase water intake.It is indispensable to drink 8 cups of water (250 ml per cup) every day.

◇ Appropriate exercise.Specific mothers in the middle and late pregnancy are recommended to perform medium -intensity exercises for about 30 minutes a day, such as walking, swimming, pregnant women’s exercises, etc.Specific projects and exercise duration should be active according to their own physical condition.

2. Eat less food that is difficult to digest and easily "raw" gas

The carbohydrates in food are the main gas "manufacturers". The difficulty of digestion fat will slow down the digestion and cause flatulence.Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid eating fried foods, greasy foods, and foods that are easy to "raw" (such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, green peppers, onions, soybeans, cream cream, sugar -containing food, carbonated drinks, etc.)Essence

3. Develop the habit of chewing slowly, a small amount of meals,

The gas that can be swallowed too fast may also be the cause of flatulence. Although most of the swallowed gas will be discharged by snoring, there are a small amount of entering the gastrointestinal tract.Chewing slowly can allow you to reduce the swallowing gas as much as possible.

Eating less meals is more conducive to digestion and absorption, avoid eating too much too much, and reducing flatulence.

Constipation will aggravate flatulence, so expectant mothers must also find ways to minimize the occurrence of constipation.

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