Autumn eating lotus seeds is the most raised, nourish the heart and help sleep

Fresh lotus seeds are mature in autumn.In addition to autumn dryness and nourish the heart.Many people leave a message saying that I have n’t slept well recently. I recommend it to you today -lotus seeds!

Lotus seeds, sweet, astringent, flat, have the characteristics of clearing their hearts and awakening, nourishing the spleen and diarrhea, and nourishing the heart and solemnity.As the saying goes: "Xia eats lotus, eat lotus in autumn."Watch the lotus in the summer, and in the fall, you should eat lotus seeds.

According to legend, there was a wife in ancient times that she was hard to sleep all night, because she had a lot of heart and thoughtfulness. For this reason, she was very distressed, and she could not take effect after taking a lot of medicines.

One day, she met a aunt and talked about the insomnia. After hearing it, the aunt smiled and said, pointing to the lotus in the pond, saying that her fruit can cure your illness.

So the lady took off the lotus puff, took out the lotus seeds, and took it into soup.Unexpectedly, it was really cured.From then on, the effect of Lianzi Tang’s heart fire has also been widely known.

Step 1: Look

1. Look at the color: the color of the good lotus seeds is naturally white and a little pale yellow; the inferior lotus seeds yellow and white are uneven, dim

2. Look at the lotus holes: The holes of the good lotus seeds are small, and the pores of inferior lotus seeds are large; the holes of handicrafts and grinding skin lotus seeds are small, and the lotus holes soaked with potions are too large.

3. Look at wrinkles: There are a little natural wrinkle or residual red skin on the surface of the good lotus seeds;

4, look at the grinding skin: handmade white lotus, a little natural wrinkled skin; while the white lotus with the machine grinding skin has a little residual red skin on it; the chemical peeling, during the processing process of the knife marks during the processing process.

Step 2: Wen

Good lotus seeds smell a light aroma. After the lotus seeds are cooked, they are swollen and they are bitten. The smelling of the powder is glutinous; the inferior lotus seeds smell a irritating taste, the lotus seeds cannot be cooked, and the lotus seeds have a smell.

Step 3: Listen

Good lotus seeds must be very dry.Lotus seeds do not do, listen to the sound identification.The very dry lotus seeds were rubbed in their hands, and the sound of the sound was very crispy, and the sound of the inconvenient lotus seeds was blunt.

1. Lotus seeds Huai Yam porridge

[Ingredients] Lotus seed meat (de -heart) 40 grams, 20 grams of Yamana, an appropriate amount of glutinous rice

[Method] Wash the glutinous rice, put it in the casserole, and add water.Wash the lotus seeds and Huaoshan medicine and cook together with rice.After cooking, add rock sugar and season.

[Benefit] The effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, stopping diarrhea, and increasing appetite.

2. Lotus seeds lean meat soup

[Ingredients] 250 grams of lean meat, 10 grams of coriander, 15 grams of lotus seeds, a little ginger slices, 3 grams of salt, 10 ml of cooking wine, moderate amount of chicken powder


Remove the core of the lotus seeds, cut into pieces of water with lean meat, take the casserole, put in lotus seeds, coriander, ginger slices, lean meat, pour water, pour in cooking wine, simmer for 1 hour, add salt, chicken powder, mix well, lean thinner, will lean thinThe broth is put into the bowl and is formed.

[Benefit] Energy qi and blood, nourish the heart and soothe the gods

3. Lily lotus seed roast pear

[Ingredients] Laoshan pear, Tremella, red dates, wolfberry, lily, lotus seeds, rock sugar


1. Wash, peel, and go nuclear at the pear;

2. Prepare a variety of ingredients such as lily, lotus seeds, white fungus, red dates, wolfberry;

3. Cook the Tremella for 30 minutes, then put it in the pear, and cook for another 20 minutes;

4. Put pear and white fungus in a stew pot, add a variety of ingredients such as lily, lotus seeds, white fungus, red dates, wolfberry;

5. Put the stew pot in the oven, add water once every half an hour, bake for 2 hours;

6, the grilled pear is fresh, you can enjoy the deliciousness.

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