Athletes participated in the Olympic selection at 18 weeks of pregnancy, and seven all -around at 40 ° C

Not long ago, the American Olympic Games selected

A special figure appeared

American female athlete Lindsai, an American female athlete 18 weeks pregnant

Complete 7 all -around competitions in 40 degrees high temperature days

Also attracted everyone’s attention and heated discussion on Weibo

Her name is Lindsay Flach

A 31 -year -old athlete

at the same time

She is also a pregnant woman who is pregnant for 18 weeks

The project you participated in Lindsi is seven all -around competitions

Seven all -around games are extremely harsh

Participants need to be completed within the first day

Running, high jump, shot, 200 meters of running

Then the next day, the next day

Long jump, jump gun and 800 -meter running

Such a dense game rhythm

For ordinary athletes

It’s a huge test

Not to mention a pregnant woman?

But Lin Sai uses a strong posture and a sharp pace

Prove that she is indeed possible

Linksen finished and won the 15th place

This is not the best record record of Linksai

But in 18 weeks of pregnancy

Run and finish

It is a victory in itself!

In many people’s eyes

Still running while pregnancy

This seems to be incredible

Link Sai said,

I have also experienced a strong pregnancy reaction

In the first three months of pregnancy

She vomits three or four times a day,

Can’t eat anything

I can’t even drink water

It was necessary to rely on infusion to ensure that the body is not dehydrated

After the pregnancy is better

Headache and stomach pain began to torture Lin Sai day and night

But the Olympic dream made her decide, don’t give up!

2012 and 2016

She regrets that she has lost her qualifications with the Olympic Games twice


Make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics far away

After all the Olympic Games can be held

Lin Sai found that he was pregnant again

She does not allow her athlete career

Just like this

Even if she is pregnant, she is still longing for

End the career you love with a formal game

She said: "There are many stories about exercise during pregnancy,

The body of women and mothers is never weak,

Their ability is far more than

The degree that people allow or recognize,

I am happy to prove this."

In fact, in the Olympic Games

There are at least 17 pregnant female players.

Canadian curling player Kristie Moore

When the team won the silver medal of the Winter Olympics

It’s 5 months pregnant.

Kristie Moore

The determination Lindsai actively prepares for the contest.

On the eve of the game, she also asked a doctor to evaluate

Confirm that in the current state, you can participate in the competition

In case

Many necessary preventive measures have also been taken,

I also think about the strategy in advance for the situation that will appear in the game

Put the health of yourself and your child in the first place

The temperature of Oregon on the weekend is approaching 40 degrees

To complete seven competitions in such a high temperature

Linco eventually made a lot of concessions:

Slowing a lot of speed to avoid falling

In the high jump project, only one height is passed

I tried only in the shot and long jump

Stop in time in the last 800 -meter race

In this regard, there is no regret for Linchan

She said: I know it is impossible to return

The level before 18 weeks

But you can end a stage of life in your own way

It is great to start the next chapter!

Her choice has attracted huge controversy

Some netizens are completely conquered by the performance of Lindsi

"I started climbing at the beginning of my child, until the end. When we became a mother, we would not stop doing ourselves, really proud of you!"

"You are so great! In many ways! Thank you!"

There are also many netizens who think that Lindsi is "walking the steel wire"

She should not adventure with her life with her child

"Normal exercise during pregnancy is healthy, but it is unhealthy to push your body to an absolute limit. Extremely high temperature and dehydration are dangerous to babies."

On Weibo, more netizens said

What is allowed in the body

It is reasonable to keep the exercise during pregnancy

Medical Science Popularization@医 Doctor

Also express

There is no strict exercise taboo during pregnancy

Instead, I still advocate exercise

What strength do you usually do

Basically can be carried out during pregnancy

The risk of general exercise affects pregnancy is very low

The benefits of pregnant mothers and babies are more

In 2019 Shanghai Marathon, expectant mother Li Lili participated in a complete horse competition with a score of 5 hours and 17 minutes

Yao Chen went to the gym after pregnancy

Of course there are some exercise

It is not recommended because more risks

Mainly include: water diving, skydiving,

Ice hockey, boxing, football, basketball,

Horse jumping horses, skiing, surfing, water skiing

During pregnancy, there are many benefits to keep exercise

But don’t forget the appropriate amount and moderate amount

Different from person to person, scientific movement

I wish all pregnant mothers healthy and healthy

Welcome to your own baby smoothly

Do you have any around

Such a "Superman" mother?

Welcome mothers to talk about

How do you spend pregnancy?


Source: Shanghai News Broadcasting, Things in the UK, Weibo, etc.

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