At the time of birth, the head is connected by the head, and the doctor said that the survival rate is only 2%. Now they have graduated from the kindergarten!

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Abby and Irene are twin sisters. They are connected at their heads when they are born. Doctors have judged that their survival rate is only 2%.Next month, they will welcome their 7th birthday.Their mother, Herch derney, shed excited tears: "Looking at them graduated from kindergarten, everything is like dreaming!"

The Draney family (source: Daily Mail)

According to the "Daily Mail" and "Mirror" reported on June 26, Abby and Irene are from North Carolina.

At 11 weeks of pregnancy, their mother learned that the twins in the stomach were a pair of conjoined baby girls.This is extremely rare.

"We are shocked, I don’t know what to do, I think this will only be something I saw on TV."

Although the people around him persuaded her to give up, Hiner still chose to leave two children.

Hine was admitted to the hospital at 27 weeks of pregnancy, and a signs of production appeared at 30 weeks of pregnancy.To this end, the doctor performed a cesarean section in the early morning of July 24, 2016.

Abby and Irene came to the world like this. They are two beautiful baby girls. They are connected by the two heads, and they only weigh 6 pounds (about 5.4 pounds).

Abby and Irene (source: Daily Mail)

Twins of the header are also called skull conjoined twins.The doctor said that the probability of the twin of the cranial bone conjoined twins was one -inch.This is also the most rare form in the compatriots, accounting for about 2%of the cases.

About 40%of these twins have the probability of death, and 33%died shortly after birth, usually due to organ failure and other abnormalities.

As soon as Abby and Irene were born, they faced huge survival challenges.Because they share a skull and upper sagittal sinus (the important blood vessels that transport the blood from the brain), the doctor told the Dleney family that they could choose to perform separate surgery, but the survival rate was only 2%.

Abby and Irene’s parents chose the challenge again.

In June 2017, the two girls underwent extremely complicated separation surgery at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. The operation lasted for 11 hours. Although the probability of success was very low, the doctors did it.

Abby and Irene successfully separated, but they still face a series of unavoidable mild brain damage, such as slow development and intellectual barriers.Especially Embiram’s damage is heavier. When she separated from Erin, she had a blood loss of 10 to 15 times her own blood, and the doctor replaced her whole body blood many times.

Nevertheless, both children can survive, and their parents are very grateful.

Under the care of his family, Abby and Irene slowly grew up. Their intelligence was obviously lagging behind children of the same age, and their steps were falling, but they still grew up.

Full 7 years old (source: Daily Mail)

None of them can speak so far, Irene learned to walk at the age of 5, and now Abby has begun to walk.

Recently, Edi and Irene graduated from the kindergarten together. At the graduation ceremony, Irene won the "Dolphin Award" because of her adventure and love for exploration.A kind friend who treats everyone in a gentle and kind way.

Graduation Ceremony (source: Daily Mail)

"I am proud of them." Mother Herm said, "Looking at them, just like dreaming, this is something we used to dare to think. We will not expect what they can achieve, but they have infinite infinitely infinitepossible."

Graduation Ceremony (source: Daily Mail)

Next month, Abby and Irene will usher in the 7th birthday, but their actual development age is as big as a 15 -month -old baby.

The two little girls did not remember the surgery at all, but the family was hanging on the walls on the wall.Herm said: "One day, we will sit down and discuss this matter. We hope that they know their stories and proud of ourselves."

Doctors and this pair twins (source: Daily Mail)

According to reports, about 70%of these serial twins are girls, especially the twins of the skull, and their genes are the same and the same gender.

It is unclear what factor has caused twins to connect, but there are two theories: one is fission, early embryo is divided into two spheres, but it is not completely separated. Then these spheres develop independently into conjoined twins; the second type isThe theory is fusion, that is, the twin pregnancy of the same ovulation contains two early twin embryo balls, which are merged on the random point and then combined.

(Source: Polar News)

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