At the age of 20, I am finally pregnant at the age of 42, and my body edema must be insisted. As a result

Jing Ma suggests that it can be a little later, and the birth baby must be as early as possible. If you have to be a condition to give birth to the baby until the age, you must do it. If the doctor does not recommend that the birth of birth, it is recommended to be cautious. OtherwiseNot only is it irresponsible to children, it is also irresponsible to themselves.

However, many people think that women have to have a baby throughout their lives to be a complete woman. Some women who are not easy to conceive have suffered in order to give birth. India has 74 -year -old women who could not give birth to children before.After I was a test tube baby, the child was born, but his parents fell ill.

Ms. Liu in Ji’an, Jiangxi, China, has been married to her husband at the age of 20, but has never had children for 22 years. The days at home are very suffering.After he was 42 years old, Ms. Liu finally conceived her child, and Ms. Liu finally felt like a woman, and she could breathe with her eyebrows.

But this good day didn’t take long. When I was pregnant for 4 months, I found pregnancy composite (pregnancy hypertension and anemia). The doctor told her: "This situation insists on the risk of production."

In order to protect the fetus, Ms. Liu used the bed as the home.Sometimes I do n’t even go to the check -up, and I am afraid of danger. Secondly, I ’m afraid that the doctor will say that there is any problem.However, hypertension during pregnancy did not let go of this woman who was extremely eager to give birth to a child. Later, "the whole body was swollen, and his vision became blurred."

After being ridiculed by others for 22 years, Ms. Liu decided to persist and did not agree to terminate pregnancy.But this persistence endlessly ended. On the 162th day of pregnancy, at 23 weeks, Liu Mei was almost abdominal pain to syncope.After being delivered to the hospital, family members had to agree to terminate pregnancy.But when the child took it out, he had already died.And Ms. Liu said that she would continue to prepare for pregnancy. She said that she wanted to have a baby to come out.

Therefore, the elderly mother should have a child with children. When preparing for pregnancy, they must do a corresponding examination. If the doctor does not recommend living, it is also recommended to consider it carefully. If there is no problem with the body, you can give birth.

1. Reduce labor, do not personally do it

The body of an elderly mother is not as young as young, and should be reduced as much as possible.Especially too much fatigue in the early pregnancy can cause miscarriage, and too much fatigue in the third trimester can lead to premature birth, which is a bad thing for mothers.

High -loaded physical labor should be handed over to the family to do it. The most thing that should be done before childbearing is to rest and raise their spirit.

2. Check regularly to avoid danger

The main role of regular inspection is to reduce risks. Older women are different from ordinary pregnant women. The older the age, the more dangerous the danger.If you choose to produce, it must be checked in time without delay.Generally, there are more items that elderly women need to check. For example, the normal fertility age. If Tang’s screening is low risk, there is no need to do amniotic fluid puncture.

A girlfriend a few days ago asked me if I wanted to do it, because if I did it, it would be more expensive for more than 3,000 amniotic fluid puncture. I suggest whether to rest assured or do it.

It’s so old for children to save such money for their own money.

3. Accompany loved ones, often follow

Now that you have reached the age, you must follow your loved ones.Once danger occurs, you can take care of the comprehensiveness of pregnant women immediately.The reason why the elderly maternal cannot be free and casual, just because the body is walking down the road, it is not comparable to ordinary pregnant women.If you are not accompanied by your side, you should stay in the hospital in the pregnancy cycle, waiting for the help of the medical staff at any time.

Therefore, the pressure of elderly women is indeed very high. If you decide to produce, you must maintain a good attitude.If you feel that the pressure in the future is not supported, think twice.The most taboo for elderly women is gambling. Don’t think that you are gambling right. All gambling is a 50 % chance of winning.If you can’t accept the saddest ending, don’t guarantee it with your own life. It is not cost -effective or worth it.Giving the family’s most perfect self is the best thing for this family.

Topic: Do you think women must have a baby no matter how old?

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