At 9 months of pregnancy, the fetal movement is still very frequent. Is it unusual in the fetus?Nothing is the reason for these

My friend has been pregnant for 9 months and is busy working during the day. I go home at night and think about resting. As a result, the little guys in my stomach always toss in the stomach, often tossing to 11 o’clock, and my friend is worried about pregnancy.Is there less fetal movement after 9 months? Why is her little monkey so tossing?Is there any exception?

At 9 months of pregnancy, the fetal movement of the fetus should be regular. If the fetal movement is frequent and regular, don’t worry; if the fetal movement is not regular, it is particularly frequent, then you must be alert to the abnormalities of the fetus.

Frequent fetal movement is regular

At 9 months of pregnancy, the fetus is about 46-50cm long and weighs about 2000-2800g. The space in the palace is relatively small. Regardless of whether the fetus is incorporated into the basin and is limited by space, their fetal movement will become smaller, and the frequency of fetal movement will decrease.In some, some fetuses are more lively, and the fetal movement is still particularly frequent. At the same time, because the fetus increases, the fetal movement will be particularly large. The sensitivity of pregnant mothers to fetal movements will increase, and the fetal movement will be much more frequent.

In addition, in the following situations, fetal movements will be more frequent:

Periodic active period: Usually 8-11 in the evening, the fetus will be particularly active, and the fetal movement will be more frequent during this period.

After dinner, pregnant mothers: The pregnant mother eats and drinks, the blood sugar content in the body increases, the fetus absorbs sufficient nutrition, and the fetal movement will become more frequent.

Pregnant mothers take a bath: Pregnant mothers will relax when bathing. This emotion will be passed to the fetus. Infected by this emotion, the fetus will be more energetic, and the number of fetal movements will increase.

Pregnant mothers interact with the fetus: The fetus in the middle of pregnancy began to hear the voices of the outside world. She especially likes soft prenatal education, such as music, mother’s voice, storytelling, chatting, and fetal movement frequency.

The pregnant mother is hungry and tired: If the pregnant mother is too hungry, or when she is particularly tired, the fetus can feel the discomfort of the pregnant mother. Through frequent fetal movements, the mother should be reminded that it is time to eat and rest.

How to judge whether fetal movement is normal?

You can judge through several tire movements. Fix a time in the morning, middle, and evening every day. In a quiet environment, choose a comfortable posture to start several tires.It is obtained every day’s fetal movement. Note that the number of fetal movements should not be less than 30 times.

You can record the daily fetal movement and compare the changes in fetal movement. If the change is not large and the fetal movement is regular, then there is nothing.

Frequent fetal movement is not regular

If the fetal movement suddenly is particularly frequent, and there is no regular, or the amplitude changes greatly, for example, a lively fetus suddenly becomes quiet, or a very quiet fetus is suddenly restless, the frequency of fetal movement is less than 10 times/12 hours or exceeds exceeding40 times/12 hours, it may be a hypoxia in the fetus, and you need to seek medical treatment in time.

There are many factors that cause frequent fetal movements, such as insufficient blood oxygen content of maternal blood (pregnant mothers lying for a long time, pregnant mothers squeeze their stomachs, smoke, and excessive tension will cause insufficient blood oxygen content in the mother); a large amount of amniotic fluid in the palace will be reduced in large amounts; The fetal umbilical cord is serious, or the umbilical cord is really knotted; the placental aging is severe and so on.Once this happens, for example, medical treatment in time, in addition, daily life must be regularly checked, sleep on the side, do not squeeze your stomach, eat healthy diet, exercise in moderation, and feel comfortable. You must pay attention to fetal movement every day to avoid abnormal abnormalities again.occur.

Near the due date, in addition to paying attention to fetal movements, pregnant mothers have to be regularly checked, healthy diet and life, exercise in moderation, protect the stomach, and do not let the stomach be squeezed and harmed.

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