At 40 weeks of pregnancy, B -ultrasound checked strategy, the purpose and precautions of the B -ultrasound, the pregnant mother must know

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Stars who are pregnant for pregnancy are more officially tattooed by B -ultrasound.

For example, Wu Jing’s wife Xie Nan also took the B -ultrasound when he announced his pregnancy.

Huo Siyan also announced the B -ultrasound when he was pregnant for 8 months.

When Zhang Yiyi announced the good news of pregnancy, 37 -year -old Zhang Yiyi also exposed the baby’s B -ultrasound.”What is something you know after you have a baby”

Mainly because of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound is a very important project for the birth check, and many mothers also understand the various situations of the baby in the mother’s uterus through the B -ultrasound.

▲ The first time: (around 7 weeks of pregnancy) Diagnosis of pregnancy in the palace

Many pregnant mothers found that when she was coming when her aunt should come, the first reaction was to go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. See if there are two red lines.

If two red lines are found to prove that you are pregnant.

But just prove that pregnancy is not enough, we have to confirm whether the fetus is bed in the mother’s uterus, so we need to conduct a B -ultrasound examination around 7 weeks of pregnancy.

B ultrasound:

● Determine is in the palace pregnancy

In case you discover an ectopic pregnancy, you should end your pregnancy as soon as possible.

● Determine the gestational week

Some mothers’ menstruation is not accurate, and the early B -ultrasound will judge the pregnancy week according to the diameter of the gestational sac, the size of the fetal buds, and the fetal head and hip length.

● Determine the life signs of the fetus

Generally, you can hear the fetal heart beating, which proves that it is a living in the palace.

● Determine how many embryos

There are a few children in 7 weeks of pregnancy, a single child or a third child.

● Understand the situation of the mother’s uterine attachment

See if the environment of the fetus grows is normal.

【Jing Ma Reminds Precautions】

The uterus is still relatively small, and the mother needs to drink more water and urine in advance before checking.If you can’t see it in the abdomen, you may need to perform a yin super examination.

▲ Second time: (around 12 weeks of pregnancy) NT examination

NT is the thickness of the transparent layer of the fetal neck, which is less than three millimeters under normal circumstances.

B ultrasound:

If the thickness layer of the neck is greater than 3 mm, it is prompted that there is an abnormal possibility of chromosomes, and further diagnosis and examination, such as amniotic fluid puncture.

【Jing Ma Reminds Precautions】

Mom should go to the hospital as soon as possible. In case the fetus has been facing the probe of B -ultrasound, she needs to wait patiently to wait for the child’s head to turn around.

▲ The third time: (about 21 weeks of pregnancy) Dragon deformity screening

Many mothers are impressed by this inspection. Most hospitals need to make an appointment in advance, which will be relatively tense.

The B -ultrasound of the B -ultrasound can already be seen.

B ultrasound:

◆ Determine the number of fetuses again

There was a mother who was pregnant with 4 twins before. The doctor said that there were three in the early pregnancy. When the examination was 21 weeks, the doctor said that there may be 4 instead of three.

◆ Whether the fetal anatomy structure is normal

The head, skull, facial features, neck, heart, abdomen, spine, long bones.

Some congenital heart disease, spine cracks, rabbit lips and other problems are generally discovered in this B ultrasound.

◆ Field heart rate: see if it is normal

Fetal auxiliary, placental umbilical cord, amniotic fluid amount.

【Jing Ma Reminds Precautions】

This time B -ultrasound is generally a three -dimensional B -ultrasound. You need to make an appointment in advance. Moms must go to the hospital on time to avoid missing it.

The uterus has increased, and the mother does not need to urinate anymore, but the food should be prepared. In case the child does not cooperate, it may need to check a few more times.

It is not that this time B exceeds the level, it means 100%health of the child. For example, vision and hearing can not be checked by B -ultrasound, and there are some very subtle deformities that may not be seen.

▲ The fourth time: (around 31 weeks of pregnancy) Small row tears

Entering 31 weeks, I entered the third trimester, and the fetus was relatively mature.

B ultrasound:

Evaluation of fetal growth and development: See if the size of the child is in line with the age of the fetus, and whether the fetal heart rate is normal.

Fetal position: See if it is the head of the delivery or horizontal or hip position.

If it is not the first place, some doctors will suggest that the mother will go back to do some corresponding exercise to see if it can make the child turn over.

Check the umbilical cord condition: Is there any umbilical cord around the neck? Is the blood flow of the umbilical cord normal, and evaluate the risk value of the fetus.

Once the fetal organs are performed again.

【Jing Ma Reminds Precautions】

This time B -ultrasound is also very important, and mothers cannot be lazy.Understand the growth and development of the fetus and adjust the diet in time.

▲ Fifth time: (38 weeks of pregnancy) Evaluate delivery method

After 37 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can be born in full month, but there are still many children who may not be born around 40 weeks of pregnancy, so at this time, you need to perform another B -ultrasound check before childbirth.

B ultrasound:

Evaluate the size of the fetus: see if you can give birth.

Parannia maturity and amniotic fluid amount: By measuring the amount of amniotic fluid and the maturity of the placenta, to see if the child has the risk of hypoxia in the palace.

【Jing Ma Reminds Precautions】

If the child is hypoxic in the palace, it is recommended to treat oxygen inhalation.

If a cesarean section is needed, it must be determined in advance.

The birth of our post -80s was a gambling. Many mothers did not have the consciousness of the inspection at all, and there were no conditions for the inspection.

Now the medical conditions are good, we need to pay more attention to eugenics.Do not let your child lose on the starting line of the fetus, actively conduct the corresponding birth check -up, and cooperate with the doctor to raise the growth of the fetus in the best state to welcome the arrival of a healthy baby.

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