At 38 weeks of pregnancy, she was betrayed by her husband and chose to divorce without hesitation.

One man and one woman can enter the marriage. It must be thoughtful and tested, and it must be sincere in love. I feel that the two can spend their lives together.

However, more thinking does not mean that marriage can last for a long time. Many people who have passed long love long -distance running are not as good as those flash marriage.

What I want to tell today is such a story.The husband who thought he could work together for a lifetime, but his wife chose to divorce in a hurry during pregnancy. What happened in the middle?

My name is Huang Mengna, and I am about forty weeks when I am pregnant. I ’m going to the due date. However, I still decided to divorce my husband who has been in love with me for ten years and two years.

I once thought I was the happiest woman in the world, because I met the best man in this world.

My native family is unhappy, my parents are in poor feelings, and I often fight in front of me when I was a kid.

Therefore, since I was a child, I vowed secretly that I was looking for a very good boyfriend who was gentle and elegant. Fortunately, I was very lucky that I met as soon as I went to college.

His name is Zhang Xiaoyi, my senior.On the first day when I went to college, I went to sign up alone. He saw that I took the luggage of a big bag and took the initiative to mention it to introduce me all the trivial matters that the newborn should pay attention to.He likes to seem polite.

Although I was not embarrassed to contact the information at that time, it was a coincidence that we joined a society and just in this way. It is not who we pursue, but we are together.

The love of college is really happy.Zhang Xiaoyi really takes care of me like taking care of my daughter. From breakfast in the morning to picking me back to the dormitory at night, preparing brown sugar water for me during my physiological period.They are all famous.

Everyone knows that our pair of fairy couples, of course, are mostly envious of my girls.

In order to return him, I naturally work hard to learn to wash and brush my boys, brush shoes, and learn to be good for him.

When I graduated, I didn’t want to separate from him, so I stayed in the city where the university was.Naturally, we started living together.

College students who just entered the society could not adapt to the lives of the livestock, but Zhang Xiaoyi did not.

He quickly adapted to the lives of people in the workplace and worked overtime spontaneously.In order to coordinate with him, I took the initiative to change my leisurely work. When he worked hard, I divided a little more energy to take care of the family. There was always a person who learned to compromise.

After four years of falling in love, we still cultivated a lot of tacit understanding. Seeing my sacrifice, he did not look down. Instead, he doubled to me as soon as he had time.

Although some friends think that I have paid more, I don’t feel pain, I know, what I pay is worth it.

In the seventh year of our love, he proposed to me, and I naturally agreed without hesitation.

Love is a matter of two people, but marriage is a matter of two families.

When I got married, I knew that his family conditions were so good, and it was very different from my native family.

However, his parents were very good to me. I didn’t care about my parents’ care about Cai Li. For the hair of the dowry, we got married smoothly.

At that moment of Li Cheng, I thought it was the sea wide from then on, the other side of happiness.

When he was just married, his work was getting busy, and he would travel on a business trip from time to time.

Although our feelings did not fade, but the life of the husband and wife was much less. In order to have a child, I discussed with him several times. He also understood that we later adjusted the rhythm of work and we restored the previous frequency.Soon, I was pregnant.

Determined that day of pregnancy, he was like a child happily, and he laughed very much.

I haven’t seen such a smile on his face for a long time.

I know that as time grows, the two of us get along with each other like loved ones, not lovers, but the appearance of this child may add a little fresh and color to our lives.

Although I was postponed because of pregnancy, my original promotion was postponed, but I didn’t regret it, and I felt that it was worth it.

As the children in my stomach became larger day by day, after the third trimester, I almost couldn’t sleep all night.

At night, you have to go to the toilet or drink water, or you are cramps in your legs and belly. Sometimes you have accelerated your heartbeat by the enemies of the belly.

In order not to affect my husband’s sleep, I moved to the second bedroom. Although he also refused, he said that he could take care of me at night, but he was so tired at work during the day, and I didn’t want to affect him.

After the bed is divided, our communication time is shorter. In order to maintain feelings, I try to share with him the interesting things in my life during the day, but I can feel that his reply is becoming more and more formulating and perfunctory.

He entertaining that day, drinking too much, and after returning, I helped him change his clothes. After helping him go to bed and rest, I was going to sleep back to sleep. Suddenly, I saw his mobile phone WeChat news that kept jumping out.

Originally, I was not ready to watch, but I couldn’t bear the sensitivity during pregnancy. I didn’t hold back. I still took it up and took a look. I knew that at this glance, I pushed me into the eighteen layers of hell.

The news is that in his group of brothers, there are some unbearable yellow photos inside, from wiping to large -scale, and even nude photos of girls. I can still maintain reason and understand the needs of men.

Until I saw historical news, it turned out that when I felt distressed on those nights where he worked overtime, he had an appointment with his brother to find a woman outside. My husband also said such a sentence: "Sure enough, the woman who had never given birth to a childSleeping, like my wife, now like Huang Fan Po, I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to see it. The dogs are disgusted on the road. Fortunately, don’t make money, I barely sleep. "This is what my husband can say?Is this still the twenty -four filial piety good husband who has been to me?I can not believe it.

In addition to anger, I wanted to wake him up and vent.But the child in my stomach reminded me that I couldn’t do that.

For the sake of my child, I overturned anger and uncomfortable, flipped through his mobile phone, saw a lot of photos and videos, and passed those mobile phones that passed on his own. This is the evidence of his derailment.

I didn’t surprise him. The next day, I found a friend who was being a lawyer. After showing her evidence, she said that there was such a divorce and I could get most of the property.

At this time, I had been split into two halves, half of the pain, and half of the showdown with him. After getting the initiative and the right to speak, I successfully divorced my husband when I was 38 weeks of pregnancy.And we got most of the property in the wedding.

Until then, I have time and energy, let myself slow down, and feel the belated heart like a knife.

In the marriage, if you encounter the betrayal of the other half, the first thing to do at this time must be calm. Since the other party violates the promise first, it is to betray your feelings.

You don’t need to be soft -hearted. You must ensure that your interests are maximized. Without feelings, without people, you must leave money.

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