At 36 weeks of pregnancy, these three things should take care

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Xiao He has been pregnant for 35 weeks. A few days ago, I chatted with a friend. My friend knew that she said, "It’s 36 weeks after 35 weeks, it is very important, you need to pay more attention." Xiao He is very puzzled. She said she often listened to it often.It is important to say that it is 36 weeks of pregnancy, but I don’t know why.Then her friend helped her analyze it, mainly related to these 3 points.If you don’t know, it is necessary to understand.

1. The fetus will enter the pot

At 36 weeks, the fetus had an important thing to do, that is, entering the pot.Of course, this is mainly for the first pregnancy pregnant woman, and the mother usually enters the pot a few hours before childbirth.The fetus is not unprecedented, and some signals are generally issued.If the pregnant woman finds that the frequent urination is serious, the appetite becomes better, and the breathing will become smooth, which is likely to be the fetus into the basin.Generally, at this time, doctors will focus on checking this.However, it is not necessary for pregnant women to rely entirely on the birth checkup, and they can also make judgments based on these signals at home.

2. Check the fetus

During 36 weeks of pregnancy, doctors will focus on checking the amount of amniotic fluid, the maturity of the placenta, whether there is a umbilical cord around the neck and the pelvic conditions of the pregnant woman.The doctor will then give advice to the method of childbirth in pregnant women based on these conditions.If the fetus is too large, the fetal position is incorrect or the pelvic conditions are inaccurate, the doctor may recommend a cesarean section and then explain some preparations before cesarean section.If it is meticulous, doctors will also teach pregnant women with some signs of giving birth.

3. The sign of learning delivery

Although each pregnant woman will get a date of due date at the first birth check, not all the fetus will be born on this day, and it is possible to be born in advance.Therefore, pregnant women should learn these signals of delivery early, such as breaking water, redness, contraction pain, and so on.In this way, when a pregnant woman happens, the correct response can be taken.In addition, pregnant women should also be ready to give birth, and then they will not make trouble.

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Tao Ma said: Many pregnant women will relax at the end of pregnancy, so they are waiting for the due date.This mentality is very good, but pregnant women have to make some efforts for childbirth.By 36 weeks, pregnant women should pay more attention to these three aspects, don’t know anything stupidly.

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