At 3 o’clock in the morning, the female girlfriend sent a message: I am pregnant, you marry me, man: roll, have nothing to do with me

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Today’s society is more open, and the distance between people is more tolerant. Suddenly, sometimes we can feel that although it is close to the sky, some people are separated from the sky.However, I feel that each other’s hearts are very close. In the past, women asked women to obey the three virtues, especially after marriage to avoid maintaining too much connection with the opposite sex.

But now the society is different. Even the opposite sex can become a good girlfriend. The girlfriends are very friends, but they are further better than friends. Although they are not living together, they are familiar with each other.Know what the other person thinks in your heart?

But such a relationship is neither a couple nor friends, but is it good for the two?In fact, we all know that getting along with the opposite sex must be cautious, especially for some people with home, if it is not handled well, it will easily lead to a rollover and finally destroy their families.

It is easy to make family misunderstandings.I did not expect that the female girlfriend sent him a message at 3 in the morning and said that she was pregnant. The man had no hesitation, and let the other party decisively directly, which had nothing to do with himself.

What happened to this man?Why did the female girlfriend send him a message in the middle of the night?Let’s continue reading.

My surname is Hu, 35 years old, living in Zhengzhou, Henan, and working in a private company. What I want to say today is my girlfriend. It was my junior high school playmate. At that time, we had a small group with three or five friends in the middle. WeIt is a friend with particularly good relationships. It may be due to similar interests. Over the years, our relationship has been very good.

Among them, the best relationship with me is the best thing. If my girlfriend, sometimes we go very close, and often contact in private. Some of them also like to say to her and let her help me analyze. Of course, she meets.When I am upset, I will vomit me. I comforted her patiently. I think the relationship between us is better than friends, just like a loved one.

Even after graduating from college, we often keep in touch, especially when we first go out of campus. In the face of strange society, it is inevitable that we are a little timid.This is a coincidence, and it seems that our fate is not shallow.

The fate of our life must be cultivated in my last life. Although the internship is very stressful, but she has her company, I feel very happy. Sometimes I go to her unit to ask her for supper.I came back. Although our relationship was very close, I just regarded her as a sister, and I didn’t think about her. I think I and her are pure friends.It can be said to be pure friendship.

Time passed quickly. Later, we also had the object of love, and then we all became home. Slowly, my relationship and her relationship began to fade. From the perspective, I was worried about my wife’s anger, so I started to start.Alienate, after all, with family, family members must be focused on.

Especially after having a child, my wife and I transferred all their attention to the child, and I had no time to take care of my former female girlfriend.I just think of her occasionally, I think of the happy time we used to be together.

At that time, my wife and I fell in love with her, because she was the moment when she was an ideal love person in my mind. I always felt that she should be chased to her in this life.After being together, I kept a certain distance from the opposite sex around me. This is also to explain to my wife. I don’t want her to misunderstand.

After getting along with my wife, I slowly felt that in fact, her personality and on the surface seemed a bit out of her appearance, but she was a little strong. It was because of her character.I like her, I think women should not be soft and weak, but need a little personality to take care of a family.

In the first year after marriage, my wife became pregnant. Later, our love crystallization came. At that time, I felt that our family had a very happy life. I also assured my wife that I would work hard to work hard and create a good job for her and childrenI do n’t want to please my wife, but I want to make our lives better from the heart.

My family is very harmonious, but occasionally chatting with her girlfriends. From her, she learned that she had a bad relationship with her husband, often quarreling, and even fighting. Every time she quarreled with her husband, she would give meComplaining about messages, sometimes I was very busy at work, and took care of my children at home. Even if I saw the news, I did n’t have time to reply to her. After all, I am also a husband and father.Just a friend.

I was very clear about this relationship. One day she called me suddenly. At that time, I was busy at work. I didn’t have time to answer her call. Later, she called me two or three this year. IGuess must have asked me in an urgent matter, so she answered her call. She cried on the phone and cried. I asked her what happened. It turned out that she was fighting with her husband.Essence

Now she has run away from home and hid in a hotel and dare not go home. She is afraid that her husband will commit violence to her. She is crying and crying. I don’t know how to comfort her. Later, she said that she was afraid of thinking in the hotel alone.Let me accompany her.

A woman suffers from family violence. Now running away from home, she can’t imagine how she should face her future life. Besides, she is not safe outside a girl’s house. Besides, I don’t know her.What was the injury, so I bought some topical medicine to the hotel she said.

After I went in, I saw that she had been beaten with a swollen face, and her arms were all injured. I quickly helped her rub the medicine to comfort her and let her want to prescribe it. Now I encounter a scum.She suddenly hugged me and cried loudly. This time made me caught off guard. I had to pat her shoulder to make her feel a little better.

After she cried enough, I suddenly said to me, "Do you know that the person I like for so many years is you. From the first day we know it, I am interesting to you, but at that time I dare not express my admirationThe heart, I am afraid that you don’t look at me. Later, our relationship was getting closer and closer to confessing to you. I didn’t expect you to have a girlfriend. Later, I married my current husband. I regret it.I can take the initiative, I don’t want to miss you again, can we be together? "

After listening to her confession, I was stunned. I don’t know if she had such an idea for me. At first, I felt that we were just friends, and I always believed that there was a pure friendship between men and women.Now she already has a family, and I also have a wife and children, but she confessed to me regardless of it. I pushed her away with a nausea and walked out of the hotel without looking back.

After returning home, I had been regretful inside. I shouldn’t go out at that time. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t let her say that to me. I even felt ashamed to my wife.Go to the hotel to meet her secretly, I don’t know if I will quarrel with me.

I have never chatted with her again from that day, and I did not plan to contact her in the future. I decided to cut off my contact with her.Somehow, my wife found our chat history in my mobile phone, and I knew I went to the hotel to find her. My wife took the phone to me. I don’t know how to explain to her, I just told her that it was me.The female girlfriend, she was beaten by her husband. I gave her medicine, but my wife didn’t understand. She asked me why I would send the medicine to the hotel and proposed to divorce me.

I was panic when I saw my wife angry. God quickly told her the cause and consequences, and she barely forgive me. After all, our relationship has always been good. I have never blushed because of something.Accident.

This incident also gave me a lesson. I never dared to meet my wife and my girlfriend in private. I almost destroyed my family last time.She never entangled me again, and thought it was just like this, and I could return to normal life.

Unexpectedly, I received the news from my girlfriend to me at 3 am a night. She said, "I have, you have to marry me, this time you have to be responsible for me, otherwise I will make your chickens restless."

The news was only seen after getting up in the morning. Fortunately, my wife didn’t find it. Otherwise, I couldn’t tell if I had ten mouths. I don’t understand that the female girlfriend said she was pregnant. What has it?I just went to the hotel that day.I just wiped her medicine and did not have any relationship with her. I responded directly: "You should go to your husband when you are pregnant, instead of looking for me. Besides, you are just an ordinary friend.Clarify, please do n’t contact me anymore now. In the future, we will also cut off. I have a happy family. I love my wife and children. I am disliked you now. Please do n’t disturb my life."

After sending the news, I deleted all her contact information. I decided that such people did not need to continue to come and go with her. From now on, I just want to live a good life and never provoke female girlfriends.

Many people say that there is a pure friendship between men and women, and they also use their own facts to prove that they are very purity, but there is no doubt that it is too close between the opposite sex, which will cause the couple’s feelings to discord.

Sometimes female girlfriends or male girlfriends are not as pure as you think. They just conceal their true thoughts for their own purposes, approach you step by step, and finally achieve the purpose of confession.

Regarding the problems in the marriage, many people must have heard of her advice, but when it is the turn of the matter.Suddenly panic, I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, for Mr. Hu, she is fresh and knows that the family is important. This is also the main reason that can finally recover the marriage situation in time without making his wife sad.

If men can do it, when Mr. Hu finds problems in time when he finds problems, he will not allow himself to be in a passive state, nor will the final marriage cause rupture.

Those who have a female girlfriend or male girlfriend must deal with such a relationship carefully to prevent unnecessary trouble to themselves.

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