At 26 weeks of pregnancy, it is not easy to realize how easy it is to be a mother!

In fact, I found that the process of pregnancy was also magical. I found that I was pregnant on the third day when my aunt was postponed.In the past, there was no posture of auntie, but this time it was obviously not the same as the old aunt’s postponement. First of all, the abdomen often had the same pain as aunt, and the chest rose abnormally.

Originally, I was a little worried about whether I was sick, but because I had just went to the hospital to have a series of examinations in the hospital in early May, the doctor also said that there was no problem, so I could only comfort myself in silence.On the top floor!Haha, it is actually a bitter.

Later, when I groaned on the sofa again, my husband who was holding the game suddenly said, "Isn’t it pregnant?" At that time, I was still thinking about it.Well, it’s hit once?

Although I kept doubtful attitude, I still took the test strip to test it. As a result, I was really a vague two bars, but I found that the test strip of the test has expired later. I was afraid that the result was not accurate.The test strip, the results all show that I have the possibility of pregnancy.Why is it possible?Because I found that many Jimei had been in my situation, and many people came behind.However, I don’t know if it is psychological or real physiological changes. Since I know that I may have a pregnancy reaction after pregnancy.

After two days, my aunt was still in the future, and the color of the second bars on the test paper every morning was getting deeper and deeper. In the end, I went to the hospital to take blood to do precise testing. The result was obvious. I was pregnant.For the first time, my parents and my husband and I were not as excited as I expected. It was more helpless. After all, preparation is one thing, and it is another thing to really be parents.The rejuvenation of the arrival may make us better experience the difficulty of being a parent.

My pregnancy feels earlier than others. From I know that I am pregnant, I have pregnancy.At the beginning, I just wanted to vomit but I couldn’t vomit anything. It became more and more serious later.I remember that I didn’t want to eat anything for a while, because it was uncomfortable when I ate the stomach.This also led to the first three months, my weight dropped more than a dozen pounds, and I was less than a hundred pounds.And there is a strange thing that every time I go to the hospital, my condition is super good. I don’t want to vomit much. Every time I think that my pregnancy is over, but I still eat what I eat when I go home.It’s really difficult to get pregnant!

By the way, the composite vitamins of Eleville and the calcium tablets are really unpalatable. Not only is it bad, but it is difficult to digest. It is still uncomfortable to eat it now. It is recommended that Ma Mamen replace other things to chew it to chew.Or the calcium supplement of the liquid.Anyway, in my personal experience, I am more inclined to drink liquid calcium supplements. If it is a fruit flavor, calcium tablets should be chewed.I have now been 26 weeks+, ready to replace Eleville’s calcium tablets, I really don’t want to embarrass my fragile stomach.

After three months, my pregnancy is really much better. Only after eating too much or eating hot pot and barbecue, I will vomit.It’s right.There is also a special reminder of Ma Ma. Do n’t drink milk when you are pregnant, and do n’t eat apples. The taste is really hard to say. We must believe in the experience of our coming people!In fact, until now, I always feel that the most uncomfortable every day is the period before sleeping. I don’t know why I always feel uncomfortable, and the most comfortable thing is that there is no morning in the morning. I don’t know if there is any.I feel the same as me?

Although the early pregnancy is very painful, the baby is still very powerful. Until now all the examinations such as NT, non -invasive, row, and sugar resistance are all one -time.The doctor who went to the birthday said that my belly was too small, but the last B -ultrasound showed that the baby looks good. I can only do a B -ultrasound in the next regular production check.Hope everything is okay!

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