As soon as the young couple got married, the pregnant wife was admitted to the hospital. The mother’s family was furious.

As soon as the young couple got married, the pregnant wife was admitted to the hospital. The mother’s family was furious.

After ten years of repairing the same boat, a century -old repairs were used to sleep together.Being able to become a husband and wife can see a lot of fate.Everyone who enters the marriage is full of expectations for future life.

Every time you go to the wedding, you will be moved by the groom and bride’s emotional experience.It is really not easy to meet you and be able to meet you and walk together!

But with such a couple, after 100 days of marriage, the pregnant wife was taken to the hospital. In the face of the torture of the wife and mother’s family, her husband had no regrets.What has actually happened?Pay attention to Qian Meng and listen to the story of netizens Zhigang together!

Zhigang and his wife Zhao Li have been together for five years. The two broke up and reconciled, and they broke up and tossed several times, and finally went into marriage!

Zhigang had a very loved ex -girlfriend that year. The two started from the campus and were very good after graduation.But the family of the ex -girlfriend resolutely opposed.The two broke up.

After breaking up, Zhigang was depressed for a long time before he met Zhao Li.Zhigang and Zhao Li met with blind dates, but they had similar interests and good talks.

Soon the two entered the love, Zhao Li was lively, and Zhigang felt that it was easier to be with her.The two also agreed to the two together. The two were painted like paint, and they enjoyed a good time of love. They didn’t want to get married immediately.

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At this moment, Zhigang’s ex -girlfriend came to the door and wanted to reunite.Zhi just came out of the previous relationship and thought he was let go.The arrival of the ex -girlfriend still stirred up in his heart.

After Zhao Li understood the situation, what did Zhi Zhi Gang plan to do?Seeing Zhigang hesitated, Zhao Li proposed to break up in a furious.After breaking up, Zhigang thought about it, and he did not reunite with his ex -girlfriend.

Instead, he came to Zhao Li, because he felt that his and his ex -girlfriend had long passed, and Zhao Li couldn’t let go of his heart.

Because of this, the two separated several times, and finally went into marriage.It was determined that each other was the person who accompanied themselves for a lifetime. After the lively wedding, the two were also very sweet at first.

But since his wife is pregnant, it seems to have changed.Zhao Li became very sensitive, and mentioned the incident of Zhigang’s ex -girlfriend every three differences.At first Zhigang also explained patiently, but he was too lazy to ignore him.

It didn’t take long before getting married, the young couple began to quarrel.Zhigang felt aggrieved in his heart, and his mother was bitter.In the end, the mother -in -law’s impression of Zhao Li fell to the bottom.When I couldn’t stand it, my mother -in -law said that Zhao Li had two sentences, and the two kept noisy.

Most of Zhigang went out to be clean. He was annoyed, and he didn’t know why his feelings became like this.

Just after returning from get off work, he only caught up with his mother and wife.He heard his wife scolded his mother: "You don’t die, why don’t you die!"

Zhigang couldn’t listen, and said a few words of Zhao Lili.I never thought that Zhao Li became angry and became angry.Zhigang was anxious, pushed Zhao Li to the ground, and shot!

The mother’s family came to the hospital and sent Zhao Li, who was injured in pregnancy to the hospital.However, Zhigang Zhenzhen was a filial son. He was a filial son and never allowed others to disrespect his mother.The mother’s family was furious and asked Zhigang to say something that the two were in a stalemate stage.

Zhao Li, who was taken to the hospital, slowly recovered under the care of the doctor.They are all skin trauma, and children are okay.After calm down, Zhao Li also felt that he had something wrong!

He didn’t know what happened. He had a lot of temper after pregnancy, and a little trivial matter made him angry.There is also a matter of Zhigang’s ex -girlfriend, and she has been worried.Although he quarreled with Zhigang, he also put down Zhigang in his heart.

Zhigang also regretted his wife who was pregnant. In case the child had three long regrets, it would be late.But he scolded his wife and never forgive him.

Then, under the mediation of relatives and friends, the two apologized to each other to reflect on the place where they did not do it.

Feelings: Whether men or women, as long as they are together, don’t keep the other person’s past feelings.The relationship may be in everyone’s hearts, unable to touch wounds.

Cherish the one in front of him, let him pass.Otherwise, it can only hurt the current feelings.After all, the last thing to be together is really fate.If you always take the past and poke the other party’s wound, it will inevitably make the other party bored.

Regardless of the relationship between the two, do not involve each other’s parents. After all, it is unreasonable even if it is reasonable.Dear and honor is the standard of morality, which is not crowded!

It is not easy for the two to walk together, and understand each other to make their feelings last long.Just like Zhigang in the story, if you can understand the emotional changes after pregnancy, soothe a lot, maybe the relationship will not have such an intensified state.

Cherish and tolerance is a magic weapon to go on marriage. It is not easy to be together, cherish the present, and grab the happiness in front of you!

Thank you for reading, what kind of choice if you are Zhigang?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!Pay attention to Qian Meng and listen to your inner voice!

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