As soon as the woman was pregnant with three babies, she faced a dilemma.


When pregnant mothers have a small life, they carry too much expectations and hope of their family members.For the third child, for the prospective mother Yang Yuan (pseudonym) family, it was a thing that was all happy, but because of her moment of negligence, she was checked that she had the left neck when she was more than 4 months pregnant.In the tuberculosis, the family had to make a difficult choice on the issue of "induction or birth".

"No matter what the final result is, I want to give birth to my baby." On December 24th, in the second ward of the Department of Chest Hospital in Hunan Province, because I was worried that my anti -tuberculosis treatment would affect the health of the fetus in the abdomen.Yang Yuan was worried about this.

Half a year ago, 40 -year -old Yang Yuan and her husband began to prepare for the third child.During the pregnancy, Yang Yuan found that there was a nail -sized mass in his neck. It was not painful or itchy, so he didn’t take this small block.

After a long time, with the realization of the dream of "good pregnancy", the whole family was immersed in the joy of the coming of a new life. Yang Yuan even forgot the small block of the neck outside the clouds.

But what made Yang Yuan puzzled that she was pregnant for more than a month, and I always felt that I was particularly tired, and this pregnancy was harder than the two previous pregnancy.At first, Yang Yuan believed that he was older, and caused a great reaction during pregnancy during the pregnancy, and he gave up the idea of going to the hospital for examination and only rest at home.

When she was 4 months pregnant, Yang Yuan suddenly found that his neck mass compared a lot before, and there were pigeon eggs.She immediately told her husband and went to the hospital near the residence for examination.

After examination at the hospital, the doctor found that Yang Yuan’s left lymph nodes were enlarged, and it was suspected that the lymph node tuberculosis was suspected of being punctured.

Subsequently, at the advice of the doctor, Yang Yuan came to the second department of the Hunan Provincial Chest Hospital.After admission, through various detailed examinations, Yang Yuan was diagnosed with "left -necked lymph tuberculosis and tuberculosis with tuberculosis."

Patients are being treated in the second subject

Because Yang Yuan detects tuberculosis during pregnancy, if it is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, it will easily lead to aggravating the disease.And if it takes the whole and regular anti -tuberculosis treatment, it takes at least several months to about one year, and during the subsequent treatment process, anti -sink drugs may have a certain impact on the fetus in the abdomen.

In response, doctors formulated personalized treatment plans based on the characteristics of their pregnancy and tuberculosis, combined with the demands of Yang Yuan and their families.

"I blame myself that I was so good at that time, I always felt that I was pregnant with a third child, so I was not as careful as when I was pregnant." In the ward, Yang Yuan stroked it gently in his bulging abdomen. ForShe blame herself.

At present, after a period of hospitalization, Yang Yuan’s body has improved significantly, and his spirit has recovered a lot.

"Pregnancy combined tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease that seriously affects the health of maternal and infant health. Pregnancy and tuberculosis are contagious, and it is easy to cause missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and it is easy to cause adverse prognosis.Pregnant women are a relatively special group of people, and they are in a stage of low immunity after pregnancy, and they are easily violated by germs.

Therefore, before the pregnancy of women’s preparation, those who have tuberculosis patients or the history of tuberculosis in the family should conduct tuberculosis inspections and conduct eugenics inspection at the same time.

Secondly, women of childbearing age should pay attention to enhance their physique in daily life, make reasonable schedules, ensure normal diet nutritional intake, and avoid crowded places to people, and reduce the opportunity to expose to Tuberculosis.

Dr. Tang Xiaolin reminded that when the prospective mother’s fists began to prepare for "making people", once physical discomfort occurs, they should go to the hospital in time, especially the pregnant women of the two children and three children.When the baby is, it is "the person who comes" and the lack of relaxation and sloppy health during pregnancy.

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Special Author of Hunan Medical Chat: Yang Jiamin, Chen Siyu, Hunan Provincial Chest Hospital

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