As long as the method is good, the pregnant mother can make makeup!

There are many expectant mothers who choose not to make up when they are pregnant.Because once you make makeup, you will have a certain impact on the health of your baby in the abdomen. Instead of the health of your baby, you might as well not care about your beauty?

But do you find that many pregnant stars are made in front of the camera, which often recruit many fans’ criticism.For example, Angelababy is like this. At the airport reporter, the baby’s face was covered with makeup, such as a big red lips or something.In addition to her surprise, the same is true of Tianwang Kun Ling.

Are they all "irresponsible" about their babies?

That is definitely not the case. How can that mother not love her child?It’s just that they use the right way. Today, they will take you to enjoy the "mystery".

Looking at the photos recently exposed by the media, they see that the two are in a good mood.It is not difficult to see that our baby’s face is also made on makeup.

For example, you can see this one.

So the question comes, what amazing ways do stars use?Hurry up and look down.

First of all, expectant mothers should not think that you can’t use any makeup products and skin care products once you are pregnant.This view is very incorrect.It is just that you choose the method of cosmetics and this type of makeup and skin care products. For example, you do n’t want to make up but skin care and moisturizing must be indispensable.

The benefits of expectant mothers insist on skin care:

Because the expectant mothers will cause their body to decrease and decrease in hormone after pregnancy, this will reduce the skin’s defense ability and become extremely sensitive.

Therefore, expectant mothers should always pay attention to moisturizing and skin care.Of course, you need to choose those skin care products with small irritating and credibleness, which will not endanger your baby.

Here I have to tell the quasi -mother that when choosing a product, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. salicylic acid

Salmonic acid, existing experiments have proved that "oral" salicylic acid and oral aspirin have similar effects, which may lead to fetal malformations, increase risk of abortion, and other pregnancy complications.Do not use the “outer service” for security, try to avoid use as much as possible.

2. Use acne products with caution

Many exfoliating or acne and skin rejuvenation products include salicylic acid, so expectant mothers try to avoid using this type of product, especially the content of salicylic acid in acne products, be careful.

3. Vitamin acid

Vitamin is another way of vitamin A. Vitamin A has proven to be medical deformed in medicine. Presidial drug -grade external use vitamin A acid products are generally not recommended for pregnant women.The proportion of the ingredients in skin care products is generally small, but for safety considerations, try to avoid it.

4. Use anti -aging products with caution

Vitamin A mainly plays the role of wrinkle removal and brightening skin tone. If you use this type of product in skin care, insisting that skin will be significantly improved for more than a month.The skin is delicate and soft, the wrinkles become not obvious, the scar color becomes lighter and the pores are reduced.But expectant mothers should choose carefully, it is best not to use these functional skin care products during pregnancy.

1. The cleaning of each makeup must be thorough to prevent pigmentation.

2. Makeup should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation.

3. The products used are clean, and the expired products and other people’s cosmetics are not used. You can choose some skin care products for pregnant women.

4. Do not use whitening products during pregnancy during pregnancy.

5. Try not to apply lipstick. If you use it, you should erase it before you drink water to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother through the mouth.

I hope that these attention points, expectant mothers can keep in mind.I hope these methods can help you, and there are shortcomings, I hope everyone will supplement and correct it in time!

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