As long as pregnant women do this, the fetus will immediately issue a "protest". Is it pressed to the fetus?

Since the beginning of pregnancy, the actions of pregnant women may have a great impact on the health of the fetus. Even many times the pregnant woman has made a small movement, and the fetus has some "resistance".In fact, the "protest" method of different fetuses itself is different. Let’s take a look at some of the personal experiences of Baoma first!

@孕: I have been pregnant for 20 weeks. Now I will obviously feel the fetal movement when I lie down. If you lie sideways, you will naturally feel less.How is this going?Is there any situation similar to me?

@: I had been pregnant for 19 weeks at that time, and I rarely felt fetal movement, but as long as I lay a little flat, I started to have fetal movements. At this time

@: As long as I feel the fetal movement, I will immediately change to the side lying. On average, I need to change the pillow many times per night, and I need to adjust it back and forth. I feel that panting is a burden.

The pregnant mother lay flat, why would the fetus "protest"?

When pregnant women lie flat, they will cause oppression to the body organs. At this time, the blood flow rate of the body of the pregnant woman becomes faster and the oxygen consumption becomes larger, and the fetus will be troubled by hypoxia.Especially those fetuses who like to move around, once they lie down, the small body activity space is instantly reduced, so they will constantly issue "protests".Therefore, when sleeping, it is recommended that pregnant women choose to lie on the left.

Summary of sleeping position on the left side:

1. Lean your body on the pillow, retract both feet, and bend slightly, so that your belly will be more relaxed; or placing a pillow between your legs, which will be much more comfortable.

2. You can take a hot bath before going to bed. The temperature is better to feel comfortable. The time is controlled within 15 minutes.This can relieve physical fatigue and help better sleep.

Summary: Fetal movement is a direct response to fetal health. Once the fetal movement is caused by improper sleeping position, it is necessary to adjust it in time to prevent the health of the fetus from affecting the health of the fetus.

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