Are you still using the wrong way of contraception?What are the reliable methods to want to be safe for contraception?

Xiao Miao often encounters some netizens in the background to ask: I obviously took contraceptive measures, why is it still pregnant?When they continue to ask which contraceptive measures are taken, their answers are usually crying.

In the eyes of Xiaomiao, some so -called contraceptive measures are not reliable at all, and today they count the unreliable contraceptive methods.

Generally speaking, in vitro ejaculation is a contraceptive method commonly used in gender life, but in vitro radon also has a certain probability of pregnancy.This probability is 1 %. This 1 % is afraid that men have the possibility-fine-essence before the essence, but it may not necessarily get pregnant.

The safety period means that no contraceptive method is taken to avoid the time before and after ovulation, and the purpose of contraception. This method of contraception only accounts for about 70%, and sometimes it will be affected by mental factors.Early or delayed.

Therefore, the safe period of contraception is not absolutely safe, and there is a certain chance of conception.

3. After menstruation, contraception

Many men and women in real life will still choose to "applaud" after menstruation to contracence.But in fact, in the previous article, Xiaomiao has also been said.The menstrual rooms cannot avoid pregnancy, not to mention after menstruation, so don’t have a chance.

Let ’s talk to everyone. If you want to“ have no homework ”, how to contraception is safer.

First of all, let’s talk about the issue of contraceptives.

Short -acting contraceptive

Short -acting contraceptives are one of the more commonly used contraceptives.

Short -acting contraceptives are mainly composed of estrogen and progesterone.The common oral short -acting contraceptives on the market in my country mainly include Yingying 35, Mom Fulong, You Siming and so on.It is usually taken in a complete cycle in 28 days. If you need it, you can set an alarm clock on your mobile phone to avoid missing clothes.

Emergency contraceptive

Emergency contraceptives are actually a "regret medicine".When the two sides remembered such a matter, emergency contraceptives became the first choice for many men and women.

Emergency contraceptives are different from ordinary conventional contraceptives. Its main ingredients are generally large doses of progesterone.Xiao Miao wants to remind everyone here that the contraceptiveness of the emergency contraceptive pill is less than 90%, so after taking the emergency contraceptive, there is still a certain possibility of pregnancy.

And its side effects are not small, such as nausea and vomiting, irregular uterine bleeding, and affecting pregnancy.

Therefore, it is more reliable if you want to take short -acting contraceptives on time.Of course, there are many long -term contraception methods on the market, such as burial burials, in -palaces, and men’s aspects.

When it comes to emergency contraceptives, there are also many netizens consult. How many emergency contraceptives can be taken in a year?

There are many sayings circulating on the Internet, such as "Emergency contraceptives can only take 3 times a year" and so on.

But in fact, from the perspective of pharmacy, the drug has no restrictions.As long as there are indications for use, you can use it.

The so -called can only eat 3 times a year, and it is more for the consideration of women’s health.Imagine that after eating once, menstruation is irregular, no matter how good it is, and the ovulation period is not accurate, isn’t it easier to hit?So eat again, the more menstruation, the more disorders.The impact on the body is also not small.

Therefore, for the health of the body, you are fully prepared beforehand.

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