Are you pregnant, can you exercise?

■ Our reporter Zhang Siwei

"Pregnant, can those exercises you like before pregnancy can you do?"

"I’m a bit fat, can I do some exercise to lose weight after pregnancy?"

"I am lazy, can I rest at home after pregnancy?"


Normally, many expectant mothers have similar questions.So can you exercise in pregnancy?In response, the reporter interviewed Peng Peng Peng Peng at the obstetrics and gynecologist of Beijing Union Hospital.

"Indeed, the Chinese people traditionally have the saying of" quiet nourishment ‘. In fact, lack of exercise during pregnancy is a lot of disadvantages. "Peng Peng said that lack of exercise can easily lead to the risk of diabetes during pregnancy.EssenceThere are also pregnant women who may grow too fat if they do not exercise, and too fat will increase the difficulty of childbirth. Once you choose to take delivery, it is likely to cause the wound to crack easily.

In fact, as early as 2008, the US Department of Health and Public Health Services issued exercise suggestions on pregnant women: healthy pregnant women and mothers performed at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise (such as walking) at least 150 minutes per week.In addition, the US Department of Health also believes that women who are accustomed to aerobic and violent activities (such as running or jogging) can continue to exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, but they need to discuss whether to adjust with obstetric experts.

However, pregnant women with heart disease, unavailable hypertension or thyroid disease, liver disease, multiple miscarriage records, multiple pregnancy, premature fetal membrane breaks or premature symptoms of premature delivery are absolutely prohibited.

So, will the Games have a miscarriage?This is a question that many expectant mothers care about.

In this regard, Peng Peng believes that there is no evidence for healthy pregnant women to indicate that there is a certain relationship between exercise and abortion.Even for pregnant women with obstetrics, internal medicine or surgical diseases, they are not completely unable to exercise at all, but doctors need to evaluate the way and strength of exercise.

Since exercise can bring many benefits to pregnant women, what sports can pregnant women choose?Peng Peng suggested that pregnant women should be able to do medium -intensity exercises for 20-30 minutes per day during pregnancy.The relatively safe exercise methods include walking, swimming, yoga, jogging, less tired balls (such as table tennis) exercise.

"What needs to be reminded is that there are physical contact (football, boxing, etc.), sports with risk of falling (horses, skiing), diving, skydiving, hot yoga and other exercises are not recommended to do it." Peng Peng reminded that once a pregnant woman isDuring the exercise, vaginal bleeding, regular contractions, water breaking, dizziness, headache, dyspnea, chest pain and other symptoms should stop exercise and seek medical treatment in time.


Pregnancy exercise

What preparations need

Regardless of the form of exercise during pregnancy, it should be carried out according to the warm -up exercise (5 ~ 10 minutes), formal exercise (20 minutes) and relaxation after exercise (5 ~ 10 minutes).Before, after, and during exercise, pregnant women should consume enough water to maintain water balance in the body. Wearing loose cotton clothing, appropriate size of bra, and running shoes, exercise in a cool and ventilated environment, avoid high fever and humid environment in a humid environment.It is best to be carried out in the gymnasium or community sports center.Pay attention to monitoring the blood pressure and heart rate of pregnant women during exercise, and the fetal heart monitoring if necessary to eliminate contraction.After exercise, the body temperature should not exceed 38.3 ° C. Pay attention to keep warm when bathing.For pregnant women who combine gestational diabetes, it is recommended to eat before exercise. Monitor blood sugar once each before and after exercise to prevent hypoglycemia.

"China Science News" (2016-08-19 Life)

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