Are you pregnant?Then keep these processes!

1. Find you to seek medical treatment if you are pregnant

The menstrual cycle is 28 to 32 days, which means that you can find pregnancy at the earliest 4 weeks, but usually the indicators can usually be very obvious.However, every hospital has different files, some can be queued up to wait for archives to determine the urine test, and some need to have B -ultrasound to determine that the baby already has fetal buds and fetal hearts to build files.It is necessary.

2. The fetal bud fetal heart is early and late

The development of the embryo is called fetal sac for 30-40 days. The fetal buds formed for 40-50 days, and the fetal heart is formed on 50-60 days.It is confirmed that there is already a fetal bud and fetal heart that can be built. This is usually a B -ultrasound in 6 weeks, but there is also a late development.

3. Must -check the project every time

Blood routine, urine routine, weight, blood pressure, every time you start after you are built, every time your belly becomes larger every day, it becomes once a week once a week.Examine, fetal heart monitoring.This kind of examination will be until 38 weeks, (there may be different hospitals at different hospitals) doctors suggest that they go home to give birth, and they can be diagnosed at any time with signs of production.

4. The first big inspection after the file was established

This time, it is mainly blood drawing, B -ultrasound and electrocardiogram. The content of blood drawing is more, mainly to check blood sugar, liver and kidney function, HIV screening, hepatitis B virus surface antibody, syphilis spiral body.This time the B -ultrasound can see the baby’s outline, it feels amazing!

5. Tang Si

This is a must -check item, which is the risk of screening the baby suffering from Tang’s syndrome, and not all hospitals can be checked. If you are in a specialist hospital such as Peking University women and children, then congratulations to you directly in the morning in the morning waiting in line.That’s it. If your archive hospital is not a designated hospital in the national rank, then you must ask if the doctor designated the hospital where the hospital is, and look at the route in advance to avoid delaying time.

6. The first abnormality (17-20 weeks)

At this time, the baby can already see the development of the appearance, so the B -ultrasound is mainly to check whether the baby’s limbs and neural tubes are deformed, which is usually called a large row.

7. Pregnancy diabetes screening

Do not eat after 8 pm the day before the inspection, drink a small amount of water, the first blood of the empty stomach the next morning, and then drink it with sugar water (in proportion to the proportion of warm water), drink within 3 to 5 minutes, and rest a little (a little rest (Personally, I think it ’s better to walk), one hour after drinking, two hours after drinking.(After three blood draws, you can eat it if you complete it)

8. The second row deformed (about 32 weeks)

In addition to the facial features, the B -ultrasound also has small parts such as organs in organs, which is also the last system examination.There are also inspection of amniotic fluid. At this time, too much or too little amniotic fluid should be paid attention. Doctors will consider whether to be hospitalized according to the B -ultrasound.

9. Ferry Heart Monitoring (34 weeks)

Based on other inspections, you will start to increase fetal heart monitoring. Before each test, you can eat some foods that can make your baby excited, such as chocolate, fruit juice, etc., and then monitor me after appropriate activities, so that the baby will not stay in one position.

10. Measted pelvic (37-41 weeks)

This is the last routine examination of the baby’s birth. The doctor will check the pelvic condition. Based on the previous examination and the doctor’s hand consultation, the fetal weight is estimated. When all the examination is over, the production preparation is prepared.

Xiaobian said:

There are a lot of examinations for having a child. For the sake of a small health and safety, the inspection should not be ignored!It is recommended to check with family members each time, and the procedures for registration of registration should not let the big belly work well to avoid bumps and squeeze.

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