Are there green grapes in winter?Hangzhou’s father is tangled: Can the fruits in the opposite season be eaten with confidence?

"Dad, I want to eat crispy green grapes." "Mengmeng, there may be no grapes in winter. Let’s go to the supermarket first." There are a lot of people in the fresh supermarket in Hangzhou in the Spring Festival.On the fruit shelves, Mengmeng and Dad, Mr. Shen, and saw a green, the sunny rose grapes that Mengmeng said.

"It turns out that there are grapes in winter, dad, this is the green grapes I want to eat." A series of 39.9 yuan, origin in Yunnan, Mr. Shen looked at the product label, and murmured, "The current grapes will not be the anti -seasonal seasonFruit, will it be hormone? Is it unhealthy for children to eat? "Staring at the seductive grapes, Mengmeng has been moving. Although a little tangled, Mr. Shen finally shot.Go home and share it with your mother. "Can you eat the anti -seasonal fruits you buy at a large price?Today’s Chari said, talking to you about eating fruit.

Before the Spring Festival, there were grapes to eat

Yunnan’s purchase price is 20-30 yuan/jin

Before the Spring Festival, Yang Daijun guided the production of fruit agricultural sciences in the grapefield in Yunnan, and also tasted a small number of local jasmine and sunny rose grapes.

Yunnan Jasmine "At present, only Yunnan has a small number of grapes in Yunnan, but due to the climate of the second half of last year, the quality of grapes is not as good as last year."Running, "Yunnan grapes have now achieved anniversary supply. From south to north, the grape production area is the largest in Xinjiang and the northernmost east provinces." Yunnan’s grapes are mainly planted in the three regions of Honghe Prefecture, Dali, and Chuxiong.There are grapes sold in the four seasons Yunnan, and there are actually off -peaks.

Yunnan Sunshine Rose High-quality Sunshine Rose, a single series of fruits will be controlled at 600-800 grams. The fruit type is relatively compact and difficult to fall. It smells the fragrance of rose. The sweetness is more suitable for 15-18, and it should not be too sweet.Chu Xiong Fruit Nongye Fei told Qian Bao reporter: "Taking sunshine roses as an example, Zhejiang receives one stubble a year. Generally, it is in October. Yunnan mainly receives two stubbles a year.The two stubble fruits from November to December were achieved by the growth adjustment of mild plant growth, which is the so-called anti-season fruit. "At present, there are a small amount of sunny roses in the ground.The acquisition price is 20-30 yuan/jin, mainly supplied to Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces, as well as first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The retail price is double the purchase price of the origin.

The grapes collected 3 months ago are still selling

How to distinguish between new and old grapes?

Although Yunnan grapes are listed in small quantities, this season, we may not buy in Yunnan, or it may be stored for two or three months, northern grapes last fall.In the Hangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market, Qianbao reporters learned that due to the high yield of sunlight rose in Shandong and other places last year, there are still stocks that have been sold in November last year.

Fresh picking grapes are full of taste, crispy and juicy, and better nutrition. There is still a difference with the long -storeed grapes.I put the grapes for two or three months in the cold storage. Can I really eat it?Mr. Shen took the newly bought Yunnan Sunshine Rose Grape. The Qian Bao reporter sent the photo to Yang Dajun. Please identify whether it was freshly picked?

From the field to the Zhejiang merchant oversal shelves, Yunnan grapes need to take about 3-5 days.Freshly picked grapes, the handle and the fruit pipe are green, and the bunch of grapes in the photo have begun to brown.Yang Daijun initially judged that after more than half a month of storage, the picking time should be at the end of December last year or early January this year.

Anti -season fruit can be eaten

Nutrition may be slightly inferior to the fruit

Finally, let’s talk about the beginning of the article. Mr. Shen asked questions, can the anti -season fruit be eager to eat?The anti -seasonal fruits and vegetables are usually produced through three ways: greenhouse planting, long -term storage, and planting in different places. Among them, this method of planting in different places is the main source of fruit and vegetables in the autumn and winter anti -season in our southern market.For example, the watermelon we eat in winter is produced by Hainan Island.Some people say that the production of anti -seasonal fruits and vegetables requires plant hormones, and eating will make human be precocious.

The scientific research team of the Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Risk Evaluation Laboratory (Hangzhou) of the Agricultural and Rural Ministry tells us that all the fruits themselves naturally contain a certain amount of vegetable hormone, and in modern planting, whether it is seasonal or anti -season fruits and vegetables, a certain amount will be used in a certain amount.Plant growth regulators, which are commonly known as plant hormones.The effectiveness of vegetable hormones is generally low, and it is different from the molecular structure and mechanism of human hormones, and it does not have an adverse effect on the human body.

Excessive plant hormone hinders the normal growth of plants, so normally planted fruits and vegetables will not be added too much.Many people believe that the nutritional nutrients and taste of the anti -seasonal season are poor.Objectively, in terms of sunshine duration and strength, the anti -seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in greenhouses are inferior to naturally growing fruits and vegetables. Its sugar and vitamin content is slightly lower than fresh fruits and vegetables, and the taste is lighter.However, the difference in this taste has little impact on the overall, and it will not cause harm to health, and can be eaten with confidence.It is true that from the perspective of nutritional science, there may be certain differences in the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables from seasonal fruits and vegetables, but if people do not have fruit and vegetable intake in the cold winter, it is not conducive to human health.Therefore, eating off -season grapes in winter is far more nutritious than "no grapes eat".

Plant growth is nothing more than four conditions: light, warm, water, and fertilizer. As long as the conditions are suitable, it grows the same season.In the winter where fruits and vegetables are scarce, the anti -seasonal fruits have the acquisition and supplement of our nutrition, especially the acquisition of vitamins and minerals, and it is still helpful.

Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Shi Wen correspondent Song Wen

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