Another big coffee net red sleeping powder also makes the woman pregnant!Netizen: Now we can sleep casually for pandas

Yesterday, the news of a panda breeder sleeping powder and causing the woman’s pregnancy was exposed on the Internet.Can you sleep with a giant panda?Is that woman who is greedy for his national treasure panda?

Why are you so shocked by this?

Although nowadays, derailment is a very common moral issue. Most men and women are out of the hormonal throbbing, or it is simply unbearable to loneliness. Derailment is always some of our common reasons.

But this female fan is not the same. From the conversation between the two people exposed, the female fan is obviously full of worship of the male breeder. She wants to ask: Do she think she can raise a national treasure?She still likes small animals too much.

The most angry thing is that the man was "God’s Hidden" after pregnancy. This attitude, seeing that he didn’t seem to have intended to explain to netizens, let alone an explanation to the woman.

And, this is not the first time he has been liked to sleep and worship the powder every time he was liked by girls …

Afterwards, netizens were distressed by the national treasure panda.

And my most desperate is why from Wu Yifan to amateur panda breeders, men who have a female fan want to sleep until she sleeps in this way?

After the exposure of Wu Yifan’s incident at the beginning, the biggest anxiety in my heart was: In the matter of men and women, most men seem to be as if they are rich in resources and have many opportunities, and they want to take advantage of women.

I remembered a predecessor of me before. He stared at me since he was with me, but he would order me to delete his contact information.

At that time, we did all kinds of quarrels for this incident. I really didn’t understand why he interfered with my private society?

And he always told me, "There is nothing else to be close to a woman, and he wants to take advantage of her. To put it plainly, he goes to bed with her."

Although I don’t believe in pure friendship between men and women, I have not reached the degree of pervert.Later, he couldn’t adapt to his point of view, and the two finally broke up.

In the past few years, I have gradually met a lot of people, and then seeing related social news such as Wu Yifan, as if I understand why he said, now I think he is the one who knows the most about men. Many men are so embarrassed, otherwiseWhy should I approach and care about a woman for no reason?

This is the basic disk of men.

Of course, there are good men who love to get married and get married, and only love their wives and children after marriage, but there are still too few such men who take the initiative to choose loyalty.

Otherwise, just a panda breeder, why dare to sleep with the female fans and get the other party to get pregnant?

And looking at the screenshots of netizens, this woman also knows that the man is married and deliberately posted it … I just want to say that since I have made a choice, now I will be brave to bear the current consequences!

However, don’t Huo Hao Panda, after all, the small national treasure is so cute, what they do wrong!Intersection

The cute national treasure panda should not be raised for such people. Relying on you will raise pandas to sleep powder. This quality panda is not assured!

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