Anhui has not yet "made plums", and the "cooking mode" will continue!

Today (July 11)

my country officially enters

This means one year

The hottest time is here


High temperature does not mean that Anhui officially produced plum

Anhui Meteorological Observatory’s latest forecast

How high the weather in Anhui in the next 4 days

11th to 13th

Most of Anhui

The maximum temperature is about 35 ° C

36 ~ 38 ℃ in some areas

On the 14th, the parts of Dabie Mountain and Jiangnan

The highest temperature is still above 35 ° C

The stuffy feeling of the rainy season is always lingering

Many friends want to ask

When will Anhui come out?

According to data released by the Anhui Provincial Climate Center, the average admission time south of the Anhui Huaihe River is June 15, the plum is on July 12, and the period of the plum period is 27 days.Mei Ri is July 10, the plum period is 25 days long; the adversarial day is June 21, the plum day is July 12, and the plum period is 21 days long).The first south of Huaihe River was May 24, 1995, and the latest was July 9, 1982; the first Meimei was 1971 and 1988, both June 23, and the latest August 4, 1998, 1998, 1998, August 4, 1998Essence

The next few days

Anhui still has obvious rainfall weather

11th to 13th

There are obvious precipitation along Huaihuaibei

And accompanied by short -term heavy precipitation

And the local mine storm wind, etc.

Strong convection weather

11th to 12th

Suzhou, Bozhou, Huaibei and other places

There is a middle to heavy rain, local heavy rain

On the 13th, along some areas of Huaihuai North

There are heavy rain, local heavy rain

Affected by cold air

14th to 16th during the day

The main rain belt gradually southward pressure

15th to 16th during the day

Part of the southern part of Jianghuai and parts of Jiangnan

There is a middle to heavy rain, local heavy rain

On the night of the 16th to the 17th

There is another precipitation process in Jiangbei

After noon on the 18th, thunder showers

In the next three days, the province will rainfall the forecast of day by day

Look at the schedule of "Mei Mei"

It seems that you have to stay in Anhui more

Sanfu is the hottest period of the year

Prevention of heatstroke and cooling becomes the top priority

Various health methods on the Internet are endlessly emerging

But not suitable for everyone

The following misunderstandings should be avoided


Misunderstanding 1: Sanfu stickers to cure all diseases

Sanfu post is one of the very important external therapy in Chinese medicine "winter disease and summer treatment". It is mainly suitable for treating diseases such as lung and bone joints, as well as people with low immunity, cold, cold, and cold constitutions.However, pregnant women, heart disease and hypertension patients, damp -heat constitution and severe skin allergies are not suitable for treatment with three volt stickers.In addition, posting three volt stickers need to go to a regular hospital. Under the guidance of a doctor, use medication based on personal constitution and illness.

Misunderstanding 2: Drink more mung bean soup, the more the summer heats up

Mung bean is a cold food, which has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, cooling blood and detoxifying. Sanfu Tian, cold mung bean soup has become a favorite of many people.However, drinking a lot of mung bean soup is likely to hurt the spleen and stomach, especially those with cold limbs, and people who are prone to abdominal distension and diarrhea should not drink more.

Misunderstanding 3: Don’t be afraid of cooling from heatstroke prevention

Drinking cold drinks, eating frozen watermelon, taking a cold bath … In the hot summer, many people are greedy, but excessive greedy cold can easily damage the body function.For example, if you return to sweat, the pores are in a state of heat dissipation. Under the impact of air -conditioning air -conditioning or cold water, the pores will be quickly closed, resulting in the inability to emit the heat in the body, and may even cause sudden contraction of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood vessels, resulting in insufficient blood supply.Drinking a large amount of cold drinks will also aggravate gastrointestinal burden and cause physical discomfort.

Misunderstanding 4: Futian will "make heat with heat"

Sanfu Tian is the hottest season of the year. Some people like to "make heat with heat" and achieve the purpose of cooling the heat by promoting the sweat of the body.People with weak constitution, cold back and hands and feet are easy to get cold, and low immunity. It is suitable for soaking feet with hot water in Sanfu Tian, drinking ginger jujube tea, drinking sheep soup, back to the back, and sticker."Thermal care method" keeps your body hot.However, not everyone is suitable for "hot heat". If the internal thermal people use the "thermal support method", it may lead to fire, and the people who are prone to sweating may cause uncomfortable symptoms such as panic caused by too much sweating.

Misunderstanding 5: The hottest exercise can improve heat resistance

"Winter training three nine, summer training and three volts." Many people who love fitness people still insist on exercise even to improve the heat resistance of the body, but sweating will lose physical strength and fluid. In particularExcessive exercise to prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction caused by too much sweat.Even young people need to avoid outdoor exercise during the hottest period to avoid heat stroke.

In the future, we will be in the feeling of "hot heat". I hope that everyone will master scientific health knowledge. Scientific heat prevention will not "step on the thunder", and we will spend three volts in health.

Reporter: He Keke

Source: Anhui Daily

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