An Yanting tells you the precautions during pregnancy.

To give birth to a healthy baby, prepare for pregnancy cannot be ignored!

So how should young mothers prepare for pregnancy?

First of all, we need to know that the blood of the father and mother is the basis for breeding the fetus.

So before pregnancy, women must eat more foods and dishes that can replenish blood!

1. What to eat for pregnancy?

1. Eat more lean meat, animal liver, animal blood, etc.

These foods contain a large amount of iron and heme,

It can effectively help the body’s absorption and utilization.

Women during pregnancy eat 2 to 3 times a week with iron -rich foods, which can supplement iron and blood.

2, red dates, red dates also have the effect of nourishing blood and iron,

These elements are also very helpful for fetal nervous system and intellectual development.Teacher An Yanting suggested that red dates can be eaten raw,

You can also use soup or porridge.

3. Soybean or other soy products,

Each 100 grams of soybeans contain about 11 grams of iron, compared to other foods,

Soy products are easier to absorb.

Teacher An Yanting recommends that women in pregnancy eat some soy products every day.

Such as: soy milk, tofu and other foods, consume a certain amount of iron.

4. Carrots, carrots contain a large amount of vitamins B, C

And rich carotene.

Carotene also has a great effect on blood supplement.

Drinking more carrots during pregnancy is a good blood -replenishment drink.

5. Cherry, cherry is rich in iron content,

And rich in vitamin A.

Teacher An Futing recommends that eating more women during pregnancy can not only prevent iron deficiency anemia.

And has the effect of anti -wrinkle light spots.

6. Ejiao, don’t need to say more about this, right?

Ejiao itself has a great health effect on women,

Eating more can nourish blood and nourish yin, moisturize.

Second, how to change qi and blood for pregnancy?

1. Exercise

Pinded exercise can make our bodies more active,

Qi and blood are also more active.It is recommended that women who are prepared during pregnancy,

You can use free time to go outside to do exercise,

It is very helpful for raising a good look,

Teacher An Yanting suggested that playing feathers and running is a good choice!

2. Massage

Frequent health massage of head, facial, and footsteps,

It has a great effect on dissipation and congestion,

And insist on moxibustion Guan Yuan, Zusanli, and Sanyinjiao, these important acupuncture points,

It also has a very good effect on delaying aging!

3. Living habits

Want to give birth to a healthy baby,

First of all, start with maintaining your physical health.

It is particularly important to maintain a good habits!

From 7: 00 ~ 9:00 in the morning, at this time our stomach has begun to "duty"!

Don’t let it be idle. Be sure to stick to breakfast every day during pregnancy.

And eat well and full.

Third, how do you know that you have been preparing for pregnancy successfully?

1. Delay of menstruation

I believe this is a criterion that everyone knows?In fact, this criterion is not so accurate!

Because some people can measure positive a few days before menstruation, some people can only measure in about a week of menstruation.

2. Afraid of cold

Many women will be more afraid of coldness than usual in the early stages of pregnancy. Pay attention to thermal insulation appropriately, and it will be relieved in a few days.

3. tiredness

After pregnancy, the progesterone content in pregnant women increases, so many expectant mothers will feel abnormal fatigue.

So if you find that you become very tired during pregnancy, you must pay attention to whether you want to be a mother!

4, irritability

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the impact of hormone changes in the body, it was easy to be emotional and irritable.

If you find that your emotions fluctuate greatly during this time, you are often irritable.

So, you need to consider whether you are preparing for pregnancy successfully?

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