An October is actually a war!How demon is the fetus in the mother’s body?

The fetus is actually the parasitic body of the mother. Do you agree with this view?

When you are pregnant, each expectant mother will produce more or less reaction during pregnancy, such as "harming joy".However, just when the entire family was caught in the joy of greeting a new life, a battle was also quietly unfolded between the fetus and the mother.For the mother’s body, the fetus is a parasitic body and an invader; for the fetus, the mother is a major obstacle to the infinite growth of her own, and they must try to resist.


Everyone knows that the fertilized eggs will be attached to the inner wall of the uterus, but few people know that after the appearance of fertilized eggs, estrogen will stimulate the uterine wall thickening, which also makes the embryo attachment difficulty, so the embryo light is thinking about it.The bed has already fought a round of struggle with the mother; when the fetus has been deeply rooted inside the uterus, when the fetus is about 8 weeks of pregnancy, and the mother’s nutrition is began to absorb the nutrition of the mother; 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus began to absorb the mother’s nutrition crazy.Strongly changed.

For example, the blood volume of the mother will increase to 1.5 times the original, and some of which are exclusively for fetal absorption; the increase in blood volume, vascular expansion, and the breathing speed of the mother’s body reaches 50%, the consumed oxygen increases by 20%, the heart burden increases40%; the human body’s necessary calcium and other elements will also actively flow to the fetus, leading to various calcium deficiency diseases, such as toothache, cramps, and so on.

Fertilized eggs develop into embryo

In addition, although the fertilized eggs carry half of the DNA genetic material of the mother, for the mother, the fetus from sperm to complete fertilized eggs is an invader.EssenceThe more healthy women, the more severe the response.

The fetus always seems to be very weak. There will always be abortion in the TV series, but the fetus is much fierce in the human body.

In 1914, a physiologist had implanted a cow’s embryonic cells into the bull’s brain, testicles and eyes.Under normal circumstances, these embryonic cells will be regarded as an invaders and causes reactions in the cow immunization system to devour these embryonic cells. However, the facts are unexpected by scientists. These embryo cells not only dieFast bed, and absorb the nutrients in the bull through the placenta.


Scientists were surprised that he thought that the uterus was a place to protect the fetus. However, in fact, the uterus is more like a place to protect the mother, because the growth and development of the fetus itself is a threat to the mother.

Women usually come to menstruation once a month, which is also one of the symbols of mature development of women’s reproductive systems.But why do women do it once a month?In fact, it is constantly practicing, in order to discharge the fetus that may grow in his body in time.

Once I am pregnant, the mother can easily feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction, but this is actually because the fetus conveys hormones reverse the mother at all this transportation process is not unlimited. The uterus will monitor whether the fetus obtains too much. If there are too many, it will start to reject the fetus.


And the anti -countermeasures of the fetus are also quite strong, that is, the fetus will try to tie his blood vessels very deeply. Once the mother rejection of herself, I want to let myself leave through various means, which is commonly known as abortion.Direct damage, even severe bleeding endangers the mother.

The struggle between the fetus and the mother is going on. Do you think the birth of a child is the end?On the contrary, having a child is the most difficult time for the mothers and the fetus!


Since ancient times, there is a saying that having a child has stepped into the ghost gate, which is actually true.Even though modern medical technology has been several times more advanced than ancient times, it is still very difficult to ensure that any woman can safely spend the production level.In the United States, which is regarded as a developed country, the mortality rate of pregnant women is still very high, and 16.7 people die every 100,000 people due to dystocia.

Generally, there is only one factors that cause dystocia, that is, the skull of the fetus is not matched with the birth canal. The average width of the women’s birth canal is 2.5 cm narrower than the head of the newborn.Distance between death.The fetus wants to be born, from the parasitic body of a mother to an independent individual. Among them, the mother has to pay great contributions again, and the mortality rate of pregnant women at this moment of childbirth is higher than the mortality rate at any time.


But it is interesting that the mother and fetus who fights you to die in the body. After the fetus is born, the mother will have an unusual feeling for the fetus. We call it mother’s love.It may be precisely for this reason that motherly love seems extremely great.

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