American women love to get pregnant. They have 5 pairs of twins in 8 years.

Jennifer Waters from the United States, a special mother.

In 8 years, she gave birth to 5 pairs of healthy twins in a row.Three of them are to help others surrogate.

Jennifer personally likes pregnancy very much, and the process of each pregnancy is extremely smooth.

Gradually, she regarded this as a "mission" and "advantage", and decided to help families who long for children.

In 2008, Jennifer was pregnant with the first pair of twins.At that time, she and her husband had just got married for two and a half years. When they learned of the good news, the couple were surprised.

Jennifer, who was the first mother, was inevitable, but she soon found that she was "talented" in pregnancy.

Most pregnant women will experience various pain and discomfort, but when she is the most severe pregnancy, she spit once a week, and then there is nothing else …

The doctor couldn’t help but sigh: This is the pregnancy experience of "textbook level".

During the whole pregnancy, Jennifer was always in a happy mood. If you want to eat, eat and drink.

When she was produced in the 38th week, she gave birth to two boys smoothly.

What surprised Jennifer even more is that even her postpartum recovery has no pressure.More than 20 pounds during pregnancy quickly decreased naturally, and there were no bad emotions such as depression and anxiety.

This perfect pregnancy experience made her have no fear of having children.

So when she was pregnant again in 2010, she was very calm.

It was just that she and her husband did not expect that this time it turned out to be twins again …

In the case of natural conception, it is very rare to conceive two twins in a row, and even doctors say they should buy lottery tickets.

The second pregnancy experience can still be described as "great".

In May 2011, Jennifer, 36 weeks pregnant, gave birth to a pair of healthy and lovely heteroic twin daughters.Since then, he was promoted to a family of six, and his children were double.

Jennifer, who had been in and out of the delivery room twice, was deeply emotional about fertility, so he wrote in his blog to share his pregnancy experience and the experience of two twin mothers.

But she did not expect that after a couple named Megan and Mike read her blog post, they entrusted the middlemen to send a request: "Are you willing to help us surrogate?"

Jennifer was really excited.

On the one hand, she likes the process of pregnancy.On the other hand, the family does need to increase income.

But finally the determination to make Jennifer completely determines is the idea of helping others.

As a mother, she fully understands the expectation of a family for children, and also feels that it is a very happy thing to help others.

After discussing with her husband, they finally agreed with the other party’s request."We were fortunate to have two twins. If we can help others, then help."

Soon, the two sides drafted the contract and surrogacy plan through a lawyer.

Jennifer once again proved that she was indeed a "selection of pregnant women."She transplanted multiple embryos in her body, and she was pregnant for the first time.

And surprisingly, she was pregnant with twins again, or dragon and phoenix.

After learning the news, the Megan couple were quite excited.

In December 2013, Jennifer successfully gave birth to the third pair of twins in her life.

Seeing that the Megan couple looked very happy with her child, her inner movement was unspeakable.

But she did not expect that the next commission came immediately.

After seeing her pregnancy experience, Jennifer’s doctor helped a patient named Heidi and Spencer Goettsch ask if she was willing to help them surrogate once.

Jennifer, who has regarded "helping other families for children" as a happy Jennifer, did not hesitate, and agreed quickly.

The surrogacy process was also very smooth, and both embryos were successfully imposed.

Yes, Jennifer was pregnant with twins for the fourth time, and he was a dragon and phoenix.

In February 2015, Jennifer gave birth to a man and a woman.

She gave the child happily to the HEIDI couple, and said with a smile: "Please accompany these two beautiful cubs, I wish you good luck!"

But this is still not the end of her "twin bred" journey.

The next year, the Megan couple contacted her again.They want to add some new members and hope Jennifer can help them again.

Jennifer still agreed generously.

Her uterus has long been famous for her hospital.When the embryo was transplanted, the doctor laughed and said, "Put them in the miracle uterus."

It turns out that she lives up to the name of "miracle".

In October 2016, Jennifer gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes.

At this point, in just 8 years, she has given birth to 5 twins, a total of 10 children.Her uterus was therefore named "steel -like uterus".

But Jennifer will not plan to regenerate in the future.After all, she is 40 years old.

In the past years, she has maintained close exchanges with her two surrogate families.The three pairs of dragon and phoenix also made a small card that expressed his gratitude for her, which moved her to her.

Thinking back to these unique surrogacy experience again, Jennifer feels a lot, and sometimes he crys.

She feels that she likes to be pregnant from the inside and is good at pregnancy.

Being able to use this to help others, she seems to have completed some kind of "mission" …

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