Always insomnia after pregnancy?It is nothing more than these reasons.

Many people think that women during pregnancy are very happy. In October in October, they enjoyed her husband’s favor, and the joy that the growing fetus brought to themselves.But in fact, pregnant women also have a lot of helplessness, especially at night, it is difficult to sleep with a comfort!

For pregnant mothers, within ten months of pregnancy, because of various physical reasons, it is almost difficult to sleep until dawn.Not only can it cause bad spirit during the day, it can easily affect the mood of pregnant mothers.However, at different stages of pregnancy, the reasons for the poor sleeping mothers are not the same, and the right medicine should be prescribed.

1. Early pregnancy:

When women were just pregnant, it was inevitable that they could not adapt to various changes in their bodies at this time, so sleep at this time was actually the most difficult to guarantee.Especially the secretion of lutein in the pregnant mother’s body will increase, which will cause the smooth muscle to relax the gastrointestinal tract and slow down.Therefore, it is easy to cause the esophagus to reverse, causing pregnant mothers to wake up because of nausea while sleeping.

In addition, the growth of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy is very rapid. In the process of gradually becoming larger, the bladder is close to the uterus.So pregnant mothers are easy to urinate frequently, especially at night.Reducing drinking water before going to bed can reduce the number of toilets.

2. In the middle of pregnancy:

The pregnant mother will slowly get used to physical changes during pregnancy in 4-7 months of pregnancy.Therefore, sleep at this time will be much more comfortable than in the early stages of pregnancy.In addition, although the uterus is also growing up, the abdominal cavity that is gradually rising to the position will improve the phenomenon of frequent urination.

Nevertheless, don’t worry too much about sleep in this period.After all, because of changes in the level of body hormone, the mood of pregnant mothers is difficult to control.At night, it is likely to affect the quality of sleep because of their thoughts. Therefore, family members should not ignore the emotions of dredging and soothing pregnant mothers, otherwise they are not good for the fetus and pregnant women.

3, third trimester:

Pregnant mothers in the third trimester will become more increased, and their actions will be even more unchanged.Therefore, at this time, the posture of pregnant mothers needs to pay special attention to it. Flating will increase the compression of the uterus for internal organs. Choosing the left side to sleep is not only good for sleep quality, but also will not burden the fetus and their own health.

In addition, in the third trimester, the fetus will increase the "activity" inside the uterus, and the fetal movement will be obvious.If the fetus is very powerful in the middle of the night, it is inevitable to wake the pregnant mother.Once the pregnant mother lacks calcium or affects the blood circulation, it may be difficult to fall asleep due to leg cramps and back pain.

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