Although it looks cruel, whether you are unmarried or married, you should understand the flow of people!

The issue of sex in the current society is already very open. There are many things that college students and even high school accidents are pregnant!Fortunately, in today’s development, the technology of people is also growing!But do you know what ways are there?How do you know the flow of people?


Friends who are a little medical attempt know that the best time for abortion was 3 months ago. On the one hand, the fetus in the belly was not particularly mature, and on the other hand, the damage to the mother’s body was also smaller three months ago!The way of smoking is usually used when the fetus is used in 8 weeks!There is a special pump in medicine to suck the fetus from the mother. The powerful suction can shatter the fetus’s body. In the end, there is only the fetus’s head!The head doctor will take it out after the pliers are crushed!

Second: drug flow

The drug flow is also the current way of producing. The principle is generally to make the mother’s uterine molt degeneration necrosis, cervix softening, or excite the uterus, shrink to achieve the purpose of discharge the embryo!

Generally speaking, the method of drug flow is only selected within 7 weeks, and it is generally necessary to take three days of medicine to achieve completely abortion!Although the drug flow seems convenient, it is very harmful!For example, abortion fails, and the B -ultrasound found that there are residues in the uterus and cause the palace surgery.Severe even major bleeding may occur. If the rescue is not timely, it can even be crisis to life!Therefore, the hospital does not recommend that you do drug flow (of course, the black heart hospital is also related to money)!

Third: induction of labor

Although most of the cases of induction of labor are due to some problems with the mother or fetus, there is no way to choose the way to terminate pregnancy!But it does not rule out that some people will have a voluntary situation!The induction of labor usually occurs between 12 and 28 weeks!It is mainly divided into medium -term induction and late labor, and the method and method of induction of labor in each period are different!But most of them are injected into the fetus with special drugs, first end the fetus life, and then take it out!

Indeed, the current medicine is very developed, and the painless abortion has spread throughout China, but the harm of abortion to the mother still exists!Not to mention that China still has a lot of black -hearted hospitals!Anyway, women should protect themselves!

Indeed, in the current society, no matter how people promote it, don’t get pregnant unexpectedly, but it’s still a lot of men!Even if there is no unexpected pregnancy, there are many women who cause fetal stopping due to some accidents during pregnancy!Therefore, the flow of people is just the same whether it is an unmarried woman or a married woman you must know!Unmarried women must know the dangers of people’s flow and take contraceptive measures!Don’t let the accident happen!If you marry a woman, you should usually pay more attention to protecting yourself after watching the cruelty of people. Do not let the accident happen!

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