It turns out that the most beautiful and best memories have been there.

At the beginning, he and her can only be said to be the love of the poor.After eating, I didn’t make a pause.Even the house was rented, and the next two would be wet everywhere, but the two still continued to eat with an umbrella. You looked at me, I looked at you, and my eyes were full of love.Essence

The days of love are always beautiful.Often, she went to the market when she was scattered. She could buy the cheapest dishes, and she could pick up some dishes that were lost.But these were made by her clever hands, the same delicious and delicious.Therefore, there is basically no snacks. I think it is delicious. Even if there is some money in my hand, it cannot be spent.How can I be willing?The money was earned one by one, and naturally it took a minute to spend.But one day, he suddenly gave her a bright heart -shaped thing.Almond? She screamed in surprise and excitement.Where did you come from?Didn’t wait to ask Qing, she ate one by one like a pouting girl.After eating, I knew that dozens of almonds were picked up the apricot nucleus from a grain from the fruit market.The apricot could not be eaten. When they finished eating the apricot, they threw the nucleus to the ground. For several nights, he was picking up those apricot cores.When he first peeled, he ate a capsule, bitter and astringent, and couldn’t eat it at all.Someone told him that it would be fine for a few days in cold water, and the bitterness was basically gone.He was soaked.A few days later, it was a pair of white and tender almonds-although there was still a faint bitterness, it was always much better-at that time she was just pregnant, and she was always very bad in her mouth. He could give it.It’s just such a great bitter almond.That summer, he has been picked up in the fruit market after people dispersed

Those apricot cores, then came back to break, took out the almonds, and soaked for another three or five days.When he crushed those apricot cores next to him, she felt like she was like a girl. She was loved by such a tenderly affectionate manner.

In her memory, the summer of the bitter almond was full of sweetness.Although almonds still have a touch of bitterness, love is sweet.

There is nothing more than making your man love the sweetest, right?Later, everything changed.He and his friends do business. They are very busy, and sometimes make money.There was no thoughts at all to peel her apricot nucleus to let her suffer bitter almonds.Just with time, he will not go to the market to pick up those apricot cores.But this is not the most important.The most important thing is that he seems to have ignored her existence. The business is getting bigger and bigger, and fewer and fewer and fewer people go home. People seem to be that person, but the heart is no longer that heart.They have a house car, and the child has the best aristocracy

School, she doesn’t have to work for others, but she keeps loneliness in a house.When he wanted to talk to him, he yelled: "Lare you eat or you wear less? Don’t be unsatisfactory! You don’t see rich men who have changed their wives, you can stay well."This is his answer to her, making her grateful to him, as if everything was due to his gift.Probably, he forgot to give her almonds by himself, right?

On that day, the child was trying to eat big almonds in the United States.Said to see others eat in school.He went out of the car, and he bought 10 pounds for dozens of dollars a pound."Son. If you want to eat, you say that your dad has money, let alone these almonds, just go to pick the moon and I go! At that time, she was washing dishes in the kitchen and hearing the words of almonds.Slap fell to the ground. It turns out that those most beautiful and best memories have been there, not to be touched, it hurts when it feels.He came to peel and soaked it for her. And this was bought from the mall, and he threw it to his son and son to eat happily, picked up a capsule for her. "Mom, have you ever eaten almonds?She was watching TV, her eyes dodged her. At this time, she understood that he must not forget, because when he went to pick up those apricot nucleus, what mood did he feel?

Like a name called Huazi, but with a sweet mood, take advantage of it

The late night people went to pick up, thinking about her love to eat, but smiled secretly, and was happy.She grabbed a large American almonds and said in his hands and said, "This almond may not be bitter, don’t soak it." The son was watching the noodles, but he was also in the eyes, but he seemed to be floating in his eyes.There was a layer of things.When she turned around, he suddenly grabbed her hand: "If you still want to eat the faint bitter almond, Ming’er, I’ll buy it

Apricot, let’s peel it and do it!

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