After women are pregnant, the two parts on their bodies may have "pain", so I might as well test it with a pregnancy test stick

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Many women pay more attention to whether they are pregnant after the same room.Because for those women who are preparing to have children, pregnancy after the same room is definitely a happy thing.

But for those women who are not ready to have children, it is very important to know if they have pregnancy.Especially in the early pregnancy, it was originally a special stage that is more sensitive and important.

Girlfriend Xiao Dan has been married for two years. Although the two have always wanted children, Xiao Dan’s belly has never had news, which also made the two very anxious.And Xiao Dan pays great attention to his physical condition in order to make his children usually pay attention to his physical condition.

She accurately calculates her physiological period every month, and she will prepare a pregnancy test stick to test each time after the same room.But what Xiao Dan didn’t expect was that the information of his pregnancy was not the pregnancy test stick, nor his physiological period.

Because Xiao Dan kept tender pain before the physiological period.At first she thought this was her own health problem, so she didn’t think about it.But it didn’t take long for her abdomen to have this pain, so she hurried to the hospital to check her body.

Unexpectedly, after arriving at the hospital, the doctor told Xiaodan that she was pregnant.This made Xiao Dan incredible. It turned out that these two parts had pain and was also a sign of pregnancy.She used to test pregnancy with a physiological period and pregnancy test stick, so she was surprised to learn that she was pregnant at the hospital that she was pregnant.

1. The cause of hormone secretion

Women will secrete more estrogen and progesterone in their bodies after pregnancy.These two hormones will find the breasts in the breast on it.

If women find their chests sensitive after they are in the same room, and sometimes they will have a tingling sensation with their hands.I should think about using the pregnancy test stick to see if I am pregnant.

2. The cause of fertilized eggs in bed

When the eggs and sperm successfully meet the fertilized eggs, they will bed in the uterus, and at this time, the endometrium will be eroded.In the process of erosion, women’s abdomen will feel slightly painful.

Many people will be confused with menstrual pain, and the difference between the two is relatively large.In addition, comprehensive analysis can be combined with other phenomena.

1. Nausea

Women will have a special sensitivity in early pregnancy, and they may have uncomfortable reactions to some foods with greater taste or cigarettes.

At this time, women should choose a small amount of meals, eat more light foods, and keep their surrounding environment clean.Try not to make yourself excessively expose some stimulating or relatively large odors.

2. Insomnia

According to research on nearly 500 pregnant women in 2018, nearly 45%of women will have insomnia in early pregnancy.Most women sleep after pregnancy, and the quality of sleep will decrease.

It is best to adjust their own schedules in this situation. They can do appropriate exercise during the day. Before going to bed at night, you can listen to music to relax your mood, or drink more milk to help you sleep.

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Women will metabolize very fast after pregnancy, and vaginal discharge will increase.Therefore, women should pay more attention to their hygiene after pregnancy and avoid being infected by bacteria.

2. Do a good pregnancy test

In the early stages of pregnancy, women are not stable enough, and they are likely to have various accidents.Therefore, women must not only observe their physical condition at any time in daily life. Once there are abnormal conditions, they must also go to the hospital for examination in time.

3. Pay attention to nutrition

Early pregnancy is a sensitive period for the proliferation of fetal brain cells and fat cells.In this stage, pregnant women must pay attention to increasing the intake of protein and vitamins to ensure the balance of nutrition.This is not only conducive to the health of the fetus, but also the intellectual development of the fetus.

Women may have some relatively large changes in their bodies after pregnancy, or some subtle changes.But no matter what kind of change, women must observe the attention at any time.Because only this is responsible for your health, and is responsible for the growth and development of the fetus.

So when do you find that you are pregnant after you are pregnant?Welcome to share your good news in the comments area!(Com with the figures derived from the Internet, invading and deleting)

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