After three months of pregnancy, she was still sleepy every day. My mother -in -law said that it is easy to have girls like this?

Uh ~ pregnancy will also be contagious, and the original poster and girlfriend are only two days away, so two people often communicate together.

The big difference is that the landlord has been pregnant for more than three months. It is like a sleepy bug and sleeping enough every day. If you can lazy in the morning for one minute, you will never waste the 60th second (at work, it is impossible!To.

I yawned from 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and continued until get off work. The only idea on the way home was to eat and drink earlier, and then hug Zhou Gong!

But her girlfriend is like playing chicken blood. She said that she was in a good mental state and was not very sleepy. She started to sleep at eleven or two in the evening!

On the weekend, the host returned to the mother -in -law’s house. My mother -in -law asked how the physical condition was, and I said, "Nothing, just sleep enough!"

Then her mother -in -law said, "In my hometown, she said that she was energetic with a boy, and the girl loved to be sleepy."

The mother -in -law also said at will, the landlord’s heart is also haha, the baby is already in the belly, and the gender is no longer important.

But still curious, isn’t it that it is easy to sleep in the early pregnancy stage?It is normal to feel weak, fatigue, and fatigue in the early stages of pregnancy, because at this time the fetus is growing, and the quasi mother needs to slow down her body’s rhythm.The symptoms of trapped trapped in the early pregnancy are generally serious, mainly due to the impact of changes in hormonal secretion in the receptor.

Why is the landlord not sleeping enough every day?Maybe the landlord usually exercises less (early work, late get off work, 8.9 o’clock after eating), sometimes there is no appetite at night, and nutrition should be more comprehensive.

Another point is that I did n’t sleep too well at night. I always think that I need to sleep on the left side in the middle (pregnant women’s left side sleeping position can reduce the compression of the increased pregnancy uterus on the aorta and skeletal arteries of pregnant women.The blood flow of the uterine artery ensures the blood supply of the placenta, and provides the nutrients required for growth and development to the fetus.) Obviously lying on the flat is the most comfortable!Every time I fall asleep, I find myself lying flat and turn around again, tossing!

In addition, there are still silly pregnancy. In the morning, I not only forgot to take the washing fruit, but I did not even bring my mobile phone.

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