After the ligation, there is a need for fertility. Can I get pregnant quickly after re -connection?Things are not simple

40 -year -old Ms. Duan Guizhou, who gave birth to a bilateral fallopian tube ligation after giving birth to one child 10 years ago, after divorce and remarriage, she wanted to regenerate a child who belonged to them for the current husband. On October 28, 2019, Duan Duan, Duan Duan, DuanMs. came to my outpatient consultation: "Can I have giving birth to a ligation?

After the test of the tubal angiography and other systems, the results of the bilateral fallopian tube obstruction, the polyps of the uterine cavity, the sequelae of the chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and the syphilis infection.For the test results of Duan Women, the analysis is "a place where the fallopian tubes are a combination of eggs and sperm. At the same time, the function of transporting fertilized eggs to the uterus. The fallopian tube ligation is to block its function to achieve contraception.That’s it. "

Museum laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment, solve problems

On October 28, 2019 (on the day of face -to -face consultation), after a complete inspection and full evaluation discussion, my team and I performed a hysteroscopy for laparoscopy and laparoscopic falloposcopic repetition.The fallopian tubes on both sides are treated with polyps in the uterine cavity, and pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease and syphilis infections were physical after surgery.

See under the laparoscopy: the sigmal colon and the left pelvic wall adhesion, the large omentum and the anterior wall of the abdomen; the size of the uterus is normal, the surface is smooth, the bilateral fallopian tubes flexion, the abdomen of the pot is ligated, the end of the umbrella is adhesive and narrow; the left ovaries on the left ovary;Small, fewer follicles; there is no obvious abnormal appearance on the right ovary.

See you under the hysteroscopy: the cervical canal and the shape of the uterine cavity are normal, the endometrium is uneven, and the two polypylids of about 0.5*0.5cm are seen in the posterior wall of the uterine cavity;The bilateral tubal mouth is intubated, pushing the Meilan liquid, and the underclavier laparoscopic bilateral fallopian tube is filled to the proximal part of the ligation site.

The postoperative hospitalization was hospitalized for three days, recovered well, and was discharged home after the infusion.

Ms. Duan and Dr. Wang Xiaofang took a group photo

Ms. Duan’s pregnancy B -ultrasound

After three months after the operation, I was pregnant smoothly, and the husband and wife came to report the goodbye

The operation was very successful. After discharge, I have been following the recovery and reasonable diet after the instructions.Due to the impact of the epidemic, Ms. Duan could not come to the hospital for review. After the local review, everything was normal. The bilateral fallopian tube was unobstructed and guided the test in the same room.

In February 2020, good news came, and Ms. Duan successfully conceived her baby.

After the epidemic was over, Ms. Duan and her husband returned to Hangzhou together and rushed to the hospital for a review. This time I came to the hospital to review because the children’s progesterone was relatively low, and she had to continue to protect the fetus.Thanks for trust.

So, what should I do if I want to have a baby after the fallopian tube ligation?My suggestion is to assess other aspects of fertility in addition to re -opening the fallopian tube before ligating women. This is the prerequisite for smooth and good pregnancy.With the increase of age, fertility functions and micro -environment are changing.

On the way to give birth, you have any questions. If you want to understand, you can leave me a message!”I want to go to the headline “” “””

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