After the interview, I couldn’t join the job through pregnancy!How to deal with it?


Some time ago, my friends were looking for a job, and the interview was passed smoothly. I found a job with a good salary and development prospects.My friend was very happy to share this good news with me. After listening, I felt very happy for her.

However, after a few days, my friend suddenly called and said to me, "I can’t go to work anymore because I am pregnant. However, the interview of this job has gone for more than half a month. At that time, I didn’t know that I was pregnant at all.Also. Moreover, pregnancy is not within my plan, otherwise, I will not resign at this time period. "

It turns out that this is the case. A few days before the reign of the job, my friend found that he was pregnant.Friends are very worried about work. If you can’t find a job now, it means that he will be recuperated at home throughout pregnancy.However, she didn’t want to hide her upcoming company, she still has the basic professional literacy.

A friend called HR and frankly said to HR: "I found that I was pregnant today, can I continue to join the job? I calculated the date. When I was looking for a job, I was not pregnant."

HR said, "First of all, congratulations on you have a baby. Since you have a baby, take a good rest at home. Honestly, this job is very tired. You are pregnant now.","

My friend heard HR’s meaning, meaning that she did not agree with her to continue to work.Friends are a little annoyed, "This is too unfair, and you are also a woman, it depends on you to be at the age of having children. When you are pregnant in the future, you will be directly fired by the company. What will you do?"

HR said: "How can there be so many fairness in the workplace. After women reach the age of 35, there is not much competitiveness in the workplace. I think of regenerating children at that time, who is easy to be in the workplace. Men are more than 35 years old.Many technical positions are not willing to recruit, because I often have to work overtime, and I can’t afford to eat on my old body. "


My friend hung up the phone angrily, which meant that she had to recuperate at home throughout the whole pregnancy.Now that I am pregnant, I must not find a job to find a job. No company is willing to recruit an employee who has not been in employment for a long time, and starts to rest.

Because once women are pregnant, they will not say whether they can resist their bodies. The next series of pregnancy check -offs, maternity leave, etc. will make companies directly want to give up you.

Enterprises spend money to come to work, rather than letting you just start to work, start maternity leave, and after maternity leave and breastfeeding, maternity leave companies have to pay for salary.The bosses are investors, and they don’t want to make money for losing money.

Seeing the situation of my friend, I also feel very unfair because I am also a woman.The choice of women in the workplace is not so much at all.Many companies have hard conditions and require women to be raised or unmarried young women.Enterprises are most afraid of women around 30 years old. They are worried that they are suddenly pregnant and disrupt the project.

My other friend, 28 years old, was single, and when I was looking for a job this year, I encountered a lot of embarrassment.Every time I interview, HR will ask a question. In the next two years, will you have a child?

My friend said, "I’m still single now, and I have to have a child, so I have to find the object first!"

Friends came back to vomit me. Our women are really too difficult, especially in work, women in the workplace have encountered unfairness everywhere.The young company thinks that you have no work experience, and the big company is about to abandon that you are about to have a child. After giving birth to a child, you are still worried that you are about to have a second child.


It is often said that men will encounter a middle -aged crisis. In fact, the middle -aged crisis of women is earlier. Before the age of 30, the company believes that the middle -aged crisis of women has arrived.This unfairness is very common. In a large city like Shenzhen, women in the workplace still have a lot of unfairness.

The golden time of women’s workplace is only in the past few years. At that time, she was young, energetic, strong in learning, and had no influence of family trivial affairs.Because after marriage, after especially children, women not only have work, but also take into account their families.Therefore, it is difficult to see the old women in the workplace staying in important posts.

Because I am a woman, I have encountered this unfairness in the workplace.How to keep ourselves in the workplace will be an important weight, which will be the direction of our women to work hard.

The reality is cruel. We can’t change this unfairness for the time being, but we can change ourselves.Make yourself better, let yourself have unique business capabilities in the workplace, so that the company feels that only if you can do it and others can’t do it, can you be invincible.

Learn to manage your time, no matter what time, you can’t give up learning. Once you give up studying in the workplace, it is very dangerous.

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