After the fertilized eggs, women may have these three "feelings". If you have all, congratulations!

Many women who want to get pregnant will do various jobs during pregnancy, and when preparing for pregnancy, all kinds of hopes to be pregnant, all kinds of hopes of pregnancy test sticks will become two red bars.In fact, the key to successful pregnancy is to bed with fertilized eggs. Once the fertilized egg is successful, it represents a woman’s successful pregnancy.Therefore, for women who are pregnant, you may wish to understand some subtle changes that will appear after the fertilized eggs.When preparing for pregnancy, these 3 "changes" of the body may be a signal for your successful pregnancy!

1. Rise body temperature

Women who prepare for pregnancy should understand that when you enter the ovulation period, your basic body temperature will rise, about 0.5 ° C. On the day of the ovulation day, the body temperature will be reduced, and the body temperature will rise on the same day.If the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, then your body temperature can continue to maintain a high temperature state, which is about 36.5-37 degrees.But if the temperature drops and returns to about 36 degrees, it basically indicates that you have failed to prepare for pregnancy, and your menstruation is coming soon.

2. A small amount of bleeding

Of course, the sub -and sperm successfully bind to the fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube. The fertilized eggs will be transported to the uterine cavity through the fallopian tube, and then he will find a suitable position in the uterine cavity to dress.Once the fertilized eggs are successfully rooted on the endometrium, the blood vessels can rupture at this time, and women with sensitive body will feel pain in the abdomen.EssenceSymptoms of bleeding may last for 1-2 days. If bleeding is getting more and more, it may be menstruation.

3. Breast pain

When the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, it will stimulate the body’s secretion of hormones, and as the hormone secretion increases, it will stimulate the woman’s breasts. At this time, you may feel the pain in the breast.Moreover, this pain in the chest will last a long time. For women with sensitive body, it may be accompanied by you throughout pregnancy.

Therefore, for women who are preparing for pregnancy, if about 10 days after ovulation, the above three symptoms have the above three symptoms, it is likely that you are pregnant successfully!Do you have other other needs to be added, welcome to leave a message in the comment area below.

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