After the child is pregnant, the menstruation stops?why is that?Women must understand in advance

When a girl reaches the age of thirteen or four, "Auntie" often comes to the door, and under the better and better living conditions today, the "big aunt" finds the girl age, which may be earlier than the age of thirteen and four years old.Essence

People all treat girls as "big aunt" as a normal phenomenon. If they are at a certain age, they do not come to this "relative", but it is abnormal. After allGood or bad.

Compared to a healthy girl, there will be a common sense of "Auntie", and there is another thing that seems normal, that is, when a woman is pregnant, she will stop menstruation. What is the reason why this is why?Intersection

Reason 1: Menstruation "becomes" "amniotic fluid

As we all know, the reason why girls come to menstruation are caused by the secretion of the body. When they are pregnant, this hormone no longer urges the production of menstruation, but instead stimulates the body to produce safety and nutrition for fetal baby to provide safe and nutritional nutritional nutritionAmniotic fluid can be regarded as "turning" amniotic fluid in a sense.

Reason two: The growth of the fetus

The embryos that have been successfully developed will inevitably be settled in the uterus in the uterus, and then slowly grow up until the conditions of the pregnancy are gained and then delivered by the mother.

"Auntie" was actually peeled off by the endometrium of the uterus, and mixed with blood secreted.After you have a baby, in order to grow the fetus in the uterus stable and ensure their safety, the "aunt" will stop in time and give the fetus’s growth place.

Reason three: Auntie "becomes" milk "milk

Before pregnancy, as long as there is no special problem in the body, there are usually no milk. This is the common sense of most people. After conceiving a baby, there are mothers who have experienced pregnancy.After pregnancy, the chest feels very bloated and fuller, and it may have milk overflowing at the same time.

This is because the hormone of the "aunt" was originally stimulated to stimulate them to secrete milk. This change, to some extent, is also equivalent to the aunt "becoming" milk.

Reason four: "Auntie" retreats

Adult women may not be unfamiliar with the word "ovulation period", and many people, especially married women, will also record when they are ovulation every month when preparing for pregnancy, hoping to conceive a baby baby.

When calculating the ovulation period, the most critical basis is the time when the "aunt" came. This is because the menstruation itself is to "urge" the follicles to mature and prepare for the mother’s ovulation.

Therefore, when the mother ovulates, most of the days between the two aunts occur, and when the mother is pregnant with the child, the "Auntie" completes the task of ripening the follicles, so there is no need to stimulate the follicles in the body to mature and ovulate ovulation., Can be regarded as retreat.

It is worth noting that after pregnancy, the body has a "big aunt", which may be mainly due to the following situations, some are normal, and some need to pay attention to treatment.

1. After settlement in the uterus, if it is not firm, bleeding may occur if it is not firm. This is normal, so don’t worry too much.

2. If the body occurs "uterine erosion" or some diseases, it may also be accompanied by bleeding. At this time, you need to go to the doctor in time.

3. The most serious situation is that premature or ectopic pregnancy occurs. This requires special attention, especially ectopic pregnancy. It should be treated in time, otherwise it is easy to threaten the safety of the mother’s life.

Whether when you are pregnant, or when you give birth to them and raise them, it is impossible to be easy as a mother. You must pay more effort to cope with the nature and responsibilities of the mother.

But I believe that women who have already become a mother can appreciate the happiness of the mother. This is more important than anything, but at the same time, the mothers, or the pregnant mothers who are about to become mothers, it is best to pay attention to their own health.If you find that "auntie" is abnormal, you must seek medical treatment in a timely manner.


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