After the 90s, I go to work for a small pregnant woman in the daily pregnancy control diet during pregnancy

Good morning everyone!Today is Tuesday, Beijing is finally raining, it feels so comfortable, and the air is fresh.Recently, the weather is really hot, making people a bit unbearable.At 7.25, I had arrived in the unit and started a new day.This is the nineteen days when I control sugar, and it feels pretty good.At the beginning, I felt that the light diet was difficult to eat, but now I am used to it.I even started to like to cook water, which is really healthy.

In the past, I always like to eat heavy oil, spicy and heavy food, and now it has been replaced with a healthy diet.Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, it was really delicious now.I look forward to the review of tomorrow every day, hoping to pass smoothly.When I did sugar last time, I was almost overdue. This made me remember. I must follow the doctor’s advice.

The doctor told me to control the intake of staple foods, lean meat and protein, and pay attention to the intake of dietary fiber.I really don’t have time to weigh food, so I can only eat a little.I just eat a little revenge after the pregnancy period, and I hope that the sisters will not learn me.Eat scientifically according to your own situation.

I am a person who likes to eat meat, but during the pregnancy period, I can’t smell a little meat, and even the oil smell of cooking makes me feel sick.But now the pregnancy period has passed, and my appetite has begun to recover.I can’t control myself a little, and I will eat too much.So the doctor gave me a nutrition class last time.I hope that tomorrow’s inspection can be passed smoothly.Unconsciously, I have been pregnant for 26 weeks, and I really look forward to meeting my baby.

Although there is no gender yet, my husband and I are looking forward to it, hoping to be a cute daughter.Three months, my baby is about to be born.I hope everything can be smooth, and I hope everyone can be healthy and safe.After eating and drinking, I am going to start a new day.I hope my treasures can also have a full day!

My babies, see you tomorrow!

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