After taking X -rays, I found that I was pregnant. Can children want it?

There are often pregnant moms worrying about doing X -ray examination after pregnancy and misinterpreting drugs to cause baby malformations, and choosing an artificial abortion. However, is such concerns and so necessary?

Text/Li Jiaqi (Responsible Physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of Peking University People’s Hospital) instructing experts/Luqun (Deputy Chief Physician of the Reproductive Medicine Center of Peking University)

[One thoracic penetration is harmless to the baby baby]

The impact or damage of radiation on the human body is related to the size of the dose, and there is a threshold.When the radiation dose is under the threshold, it can be regarded as no harm to the human body, such as background radiation in the environment of daily life.Scientists’ studies have shown that only when the radiation dose of the fetal baby exceeds 5,000 ml (this is an uniter of absorbing the radiation dose), it can be damaged by radiation.

For pregnant women, in addition to preventing life radiation, nutritional supplements have always been the top priority.Moms maintaining sufficient, complete, and balanced pregnancy nutrition is the key to ensuring the healthy growth of the baby.

According to data from the US Radiation Association and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, in an ordinary X -ray examination of the chest, the amount of radiation that the baby suffers is about 0.02 ~ 0.07 mm, and the amount of illumination of a single abdomen X -ray tablets is about the amount of irradiation.100 millilit, breast molybdenum target checks the amount of illumination of the baby’s baby is about 7 to 20 milliligns.The radiation dose of X -ray inspection in conventional physical examination is far lower than the dose of adverse effects on the baby’s baby. Therefore, it is harmless to the baby’s baby.

During the pregnancy stage, the breasts generally increase the two or three cups, but the breasts are expanded from the lower half, which is different from the proportion of ordinary cups. Therefore, it is best to choose a special pregnant woman’s bra.

[Drugs depends on the situation]

The US Food and Drug Administration divides the drug into level 5 according to the danger of varying degrees of teratogenic caused by drugs and the human body, and stipulates that it is clearly identified in the instructions.

● The A -level has not found that the drug has a teratogenic effect on the baby, which is safe.

● B -level animal experiments have not found teratogenic effects, and it is not confirmed by humans. It is safer

● Class C has teratogenic effects on animals and humans, and use it with caution during pregnancy

● Class D has teratogenic effects on animals and humans, and use it with caution during pregnancy

● Class X has obvious teratogenic effects, use cautious during pregnancy

It is worth noting that when you are pregnant, you can’t wear tight and special clothes, otherwise the damage will not be smaller than radiation.Three months ago, you can wear casual pants and sports pants to be relatively loose. After three months, your stomach will appear. At this time, you should choose clothes according to your belly.

After taking the medicine, I found that pregnant mumans who are pregnant should not worry too much. First go to the hospital to find professionals for consultation, and determine whether it has an impact on the baby’s baby according to the level of the drug.It should be noted that even after professional consultation, the impact of drugs on fetal baby is small, and pregnant mommy should strengthen prenatal examinations to ensure the birth of healthy babies.

[Different development stages of fetal baby, there are differences in influence]

The influence of radiation or drugs on the fetal baby is also related to the development stage of the fetal baby.

*Within 4 weeks of pregnancy

That is, after 2 weeks of eggs and sperm, the embryo has not differentiated into various tissues and organs, and has multiple differentiation potential.The embryo is radiated or drug during this period. If it is mildly damaged, it can still "self -repair" and continue to grow normally; if it is severely damaged and cannot continue to develop, a natural abortion occurs.This is the "all or no" effect.Therefore, at this time, pregnant moms take medicine or receive higher -dose radiation examinations, generally do not cause fetal baby deformity or intellectual defects.

*4 weeks to 3 months of pregnancy

The embryo began to grow rapidly, and differentiation forms various tissues and organs, which is sensitive to the impact of external factors.Radiation and drugs can adversely affect the embryo, but the degree of influence still needs to be combined with comprehensive judgment of the type, dose and duration of the type, dose and duration of the drug.

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