After taking the medicine, do you want to get pregnant, do you want it?Be sure to understand before taking the medicine

In the process of using Jin Gesai’s non -treatment, many young couples who come to see a doctor will ask the doctor to question "if you are pregnant after taking Jin Gexi’s non -small powder tablets, it will affect the sperm.Is the quality? Will it affect the healthy development of the baby "?

Let’s talk about it, will the non -small powder tablets of Jin Ge Xidi affect fertility?

Citic acid citrus is not the common name of Jine small powder tablet. Its chemical composition is actually a type 5 type 5 phosphate (PDE5) inhibitor. It was the first drug for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Later, scientists found that treatment was treating treatment.Economic dysfunction also has a very good effect.

How did Jin Ge work?

The physiological mechanism of normal people YJ’s erection is a way to rely on sponge body nitric oxide (NO). NO activates the cyclopensene enzymes of birdotide, causing cyclopensions (increased CGMP levels)Blood flow in YJ sponge.

So, how does an erectile disappear?This is because when the stimulation disappears, the sponge will release the PDE5 to break down the CGMP level. The blood flow of the sponge will decrease, and the BO will disappear.

Non -small pink chip of Jin Ge Xidi is a special PDE5 selective inhibitor with CGMP. It can enhance the role of NO by inhibiting the PDE5 of the CGMP in the sponge, because it can be used for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.

Will taking Westland really affect men’s sperm quality?

Judging from the research on the non -clinical trials of the West, a large number of clinical cases of 23 million male patients who take Westland African are not yet evidence that taking Westland’s non -fertility can decline.

West land is influenced by sperm quality, and scholars at home and abroad have conducted a lot of research. The research found:

ü Taking Western Africa once a day and taking 4 to 6 weeks in a row, prostate activity, sperm vitality, quantity and penetration have increased significantly.

ü The sperm activity increased significantly after taking a low -dose (50mg) West in the West.

ü The concentration, vitality, and normal form of sperm have increased after taking Western Divine for 15 days.

However, at the same time, it is also found that if it continues to take Western and Africa in a large amount, while the number of forward sperm and the increase in movement, the top body response will also be activated prematurely.The "fatigue", the end result is that the number of sperm, vitality and normal forms are declining.

Therefore, when taking Westland, you must follow the doctor’s advice. You can try it from a small dose. If not, you can try a large dose. It is not recommended to continue to use large doses.At the same time, from the current clinical research, the impact of the West on the West still lacks effective evidence.

In general, the non -small powder pieces of Jin Ge Xidi have no harm to sexual function, and healthy volunteers take 100 mg Westland that will not affect the mobility and form of sperm.Evidence of terators, embryonic toxicity and fetal toxicity.

In the end, the editor reminds everyone that when taking Western Nasal Powder, you must follow the doctor’s advice. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, you recommend that you take the appropriate dosage dose and the medication cycle.

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