After taking the contraceptive pill, is it still pregnant? Should the baby go or stay?##

I just finished lunch, ready to rest, Xiao Jinhua came over, I knew it was a proposition again.Sure enough, she was a little bit disquined. Many netizens asked if the child was pregnant after taking contraceptives. Doctor Chen had taken the science and took emergency contraceptives and pregnant children. What about other contraceptives?

Ha, or my fault?Okay, let me answer!

The contraceptives are exogenous sex hormones. Enter the body to release hormone secretion by inhibiting the promotional gonadotropin in the lower part of the machin, thereby inhibiting the secretion of the pituitary and luteal formation, which inhibits the maturity and ovulation of the follicles, therebyContraceptive.

The contraceptive pill also achieves the purpose of contraceptive by changing the cervical mucus. The glands of the cervix secrete mucus under the effect of estrogen, and also change with the menstrual cycle.When the menstruation was completed, the estrogen in the body was low, and the amount of cervical mucus was small; when it was close to the ovulation period, the estrogen in the body reached its peak and affected by it.Through the vitality of the sperm; after ovulation, the ovarian secrete progesterone. Under its influence, the mucus secreted by the cervix becomes sticky and opaque. Such cervical mucus is not conducive to sperm through.Contraceptives are the purpose of contraception by changing the cervix mucus.So the main component of most contraceptives is progesterone.

In fact, both short -acting contraceptives or emergency contraceptives will basically not affect the fetus.It will not cause the baby to malformation or abortion.But contraceptives can cause vaginal bleeding, or cause endless menstruation.Although contraceptives do not cause baby deformity, the healthy development of embryos is affected by various factors, and prenatal screening and pregnancy examination must be done.

In addition, after taking contraceptives, you must let your doctor judge whether your child can be required based on the types and dosage of your contraceptives; if the dosage type and estrogen progesterone are in the safe range, you can leave your child;There is a powerful progesterone antagonist, which may cause the fetal children to be masculine or cracks in the urethra, so it is not recommended to retain children.

The main component of long -acting oral contraceptives is estrogen and artificially synthesized high -purity progesterone. Both of these ingredients can effectively play a long -term effect in the body.When the drug enters the gastrointestinal tract, after the gastrointestinal tract is absorbed, the functional ingredients are stored in the fat tissue of the human body, and then slowly released, that is, the body will continue to have estrogen and progesterone in the body to notify the brain to order the ovariesStop ovulation to achieve the effect of long -term contraception, so only take it once a month.However, you can’t get pregnant immediately after stopping the drug. It is not like short -term contraceptives and can be pregnant after stopping the drug.

Long -acting contraceptives itself consists of large doses of progesterone and estrogen. It takes a long time. For example, the impact on the fetus is relatively large, so it is recommended that if you are pregnant, you cannot leave it.However, there are very few people taking long -acting contraceptives now.

Generally speaking, if you take long -acting contraceptives, it is recommended to try not to be as much as possible after pregnancy.What is the influence.

Knowing it, doctor Chen hurry up and take the code in the evening.

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