After taking contraceptives, I was pregnant unexpectedly. Only these 5 possibilities

Maybe the two -person world has not been addicted, and the boss may not be in the same time. As a result, the overspeed is 1+1 = 3 … How can it be affectionate?

But, why did I still have a medicine?Stunning?Fertilized!You know, the success rate of emergency contraceptives is not 100%.

The following situation may not work if you take medicine:

1. I have no protective X life before, but I am pregnant, but the parties do n’t know. This time it ’s useless to eat this time;

2. During the period of taking emergency contraceptives, it was just taking other drugs that could affect its efficacy;

3. After taking the medicine, there is a condition of diarrhea and vomiting. The emergency contraceptive pills have not had time to absorb;

4. Do not take it according to the manual;

5. Individual differences (directly, let’s step on shit)

Of course, the biggest thing is the problem: emergency contraception fails, can the children pregnant?Could it be deformity?

First of all, we must know how to be pregnant: sperm and egg breaking through layers of the layer obstacles to successfully combine the fertilized eggs, and this fertilized egg is successfully imposed in the uterus again, even if he is pregnant.(Really a tenacious baby …)

Secondly, we must understand the contraceptive mechanism of emergency contraceptives: in an effective time, direct effects through hormones (progesterone or anticoin), inhibit egg excretion, or prevent the fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus.

In other words, there are only two results after taking emergency contraceptives -either successfully stopped or there is no impact.

If you plan to give birth, will the child be deforming?

Everyone knows that there is a sensitive "teratogenic period" during the development of the fetus, which refers to the end of the 3rd week after the fertilization to the end of the 8th week.

However, the use of emergency contraceptives is generally within 72 hours of sexual behavior or within 120 hours (different drug time requirements are different, everyone can see the instructions clearly). This time is within 2 weeks after fertilization."Sensitive periods", embryo cells are rarely differentiated. At this time, the impact of taking drugs on embryos is not "1", that is, "0", that is, either miscarriage or nothing.

Therefore, as long as the test results are normal, doctors think that this child will not be affected by the drug.As for this problem, your husband and wife should consider themselves.

At the beginning, wearing a sleeve, how can there be so many bending around.Although wearing a set may also be recruited, the risks are small and small, and there is no need to worry about the side effects of drugs.

If you don’t want to spread such a big thing, everyone usually needs to take protection measures to supplement the correct gender knowledge, and know which contraceptive methods are not!Depend on!Spectrum!

Speaking of contraception, these 4 methods are really not good

▪ "Safety Period" contraception

▪ Can’t get in outside

▪ In vitro "that"

▪ Come on Auntie Auntie

If you don’t want to wear a suit, don’t want to take medicine, or you don’t want to lust, tell you, no!Can!able!

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