After taking contraceptives, can I find that my baby is pregnant?

First clarify which contraceptive it took

There are many types of contraceptives, generally short -term oral contraceptives, long -term oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, and so on.Long -term contraceptives are short -acting contraceptives. They need to be taken every day. Sumily, Mom Fulong, Tsu Le, and You Siming are all short -acting contraceptives.Without ovulation, there will be no fertilized eggs and will not get pregnant. Its chance of success is generally 99%. Doctors generally recommend that you get pregnant half a year after stopping the contraceptive pill.When I took contraceptives, I found that I was pregnant. Generally, I took emergency contraceptives, such as Yuting.

What should I do if I take an emergency contraceptive pill?

Due to the improper administration, there are many cases of pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives.The main component of emergency contraceptives is progesterone. The metabolism in the human body is relatively fast, generally about 3 days.Within 4 weeks of the last menstruation, the early period of the cell and tissue is calculated, and the development of the reproductive system is about 8 weeks.Therefore, if the emergency contraceptive pill is taken within 4 weeks of the last menstrual period, it has little effect on the fetus.Generally speaking, the impact of drugs on the fetus follows the principle of "having or no". If the impact may have a natural abortion, it will develop normally without affecting the fetus.

Therefore, even if you take emergency contraceptives, do n’t choose abortion blindly. You can go to the hospital to consult a doctor. After pregnancy, you can do a birth check on time. Generally, the fetus is recommended.

Since the contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives is much lower than the conventional contraceptive method, what should I do if the contraceptive fails?Is emergency contraceptive harm to the fetus?Can the baby want it?

Shanghai Studies: Emergency contraceptives will not increase the incidence of fetal malformations

A study in Shanghai will continue to pregnancy after the failure of emergency contraceptives, compared with those who have not taken emergency contraceptives, and found that the incidence of natural abortion in the two groups is not significantly different from the fetal deformity rate. Severe pregnancy complications are severe.There is no significant difference in the incidence, and the difference between men and women in newborns is not significant.The conclusion of this study believes that the emergency contraceptive pills the left of the left will not increase the incidence of fetal malformations and will not significantly increase the occurrence of poor pregnancy ending.

American research: emergency contraceptives will not cause harm to the fetus

In 2005, a study in the United States also believes that women do not harm the fetus after taking emergency contraceptives with hormones.The results of the study showed that the baby born to a woman who took emergency contraceptives was similar to the baby born in the weight and height as the baby born in a woman who did not take emergency contraceptives.The two groups did not have statistical differences in the number of dead tires, birth defects and pregnancy complications.Therefore, researchers believe that female friends who are pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives failing should choose people’s flow because they are afraid that the fetus will have malformations or other abnormal conditions.Under normal circumstances, the abnormal phenomenon of the fetus may be due to long -term use of hormones, not the result of short -term use of low -dose hormones.Taking emergency contraceptives within the menstrual cycle does not have much impact on the fetus. It can be considered, but it is necessary to take a good screening for eugenics during pregnancy.If it is an emergency contraceptive taken after 4 weeks of menstruation last time, from the perspective of eugenics, young and good health women can choose not to be temporarily.And women who are younger and difficult to get pregnant can consider this child.

Is it infertility if you take too much contraceptive pill?

The effects and harm of different contraceptives are different. Generally, taking ordinary contraceptives will not affect fertility.Because the role of contraceptives is mainly to inhibit ovarian ovulation, the drugs used within a month of menstrual cycle can only be contraceptive for 1 month, so the ovary will quickly recover the ovulation function after discontinuation of contraceptives.According to a large number of statistical data, women with continuous medication for 6 months have resumed ovulation after the first monthly cycle of the menstrual cycle after stopping the drug; those who are continuously taken for more than 1 year will be discontinued for 1-2 months.Most women of women resumed ovulation 1 month after stopping the drug, and 98 % of women resumed ovulation within 3 months.There is a possibility of pregnancy when ovulation, so taking ordinary contraceptives will not affect fertility

Emergency contraceptives have a great impact on the fertility of women in the future, so it is best to do it under the guidance of a doctor.However, for unparalleled women, Xiaobian still recommends not to take long -term contraceptives for a long time.If you want to get pregnant, it is best to stop taking the contraceptive pill for three months.

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