After shooting X film, I found that I was pregnant afterwards. Can the child want it?

Case: Ms. Liu, 22, and her family.Because, Ms. Liu took X -rays once because she had a wrist trauma for 10 days, and I learned that she was pregnant for nearly one month at the time.Will Line hurt the fetus?Can this child still need it?This made Ms. Liu’s family feel very anxious and disturbed.

The X -ray is an electromagnetic wave with a very short wavelength and a large energy. Its main harm is that the body tissue can produce an ionization effect.Because embryos and fetuses are more sensitive to X -ray exposure, people have a deep -rooted fear and concern about the X -ray examination of pregnant women.

According to research, the risk of fetal exposure to X -ray is related to the age and radiation dose when exposed.For early developed embryos, the exposure of X -ray exposure of very high -dose (> 1 GY) can lead to embryo death.

In addition, high -dose X -ray exposure may also cause limited growth of fetus, small head deformity and intellectual obstacles.However, in the actual diagnostic imaging process, even multiple X -ray examinations can rarely achieve the threshold dose that can cause the above hazards

Caption:*Data mainly comes from animal experiments, the results of the survivors of the Japanese atomic bomb explosion, and people who receive radiation therapy due to medical reasons (such as radiotherapy related to cancer -related cancer)

Based on the research data of the survivor of the atomic bomb explosion, the X -ray exposure at 8 to 15 weeks of pregnancy has the greatest impact on the central nervous system of the fetus.Although there is an opinion that the minimum X -ray radiation threshold range that causes intellectual disorders is between 60 and 310 MGY (1 gy = 1000 mg), the minimum exposure doses recorded clinically are above 610 MGY.

CT scan also belongs to the X -ray examination. If there is a clear inspection indicator, no need to avoid it, but you should carefully evaluate the risk/benefit ratio.The radiation exposure of the CT check is significantly different due to the number of scan layers, parts, and exposure parameters.For example, the radiation dose measured by CT pelvic cavity can be as high as 50 mgy, but it can be reduced to 2.5 MGY when using low exposure scanning technology.

Therefore, it is necessary to fully communicate with the technicians during inspection, and reduce the radiation dose as much as possible without affecting the inspection effect.In addition, spiral CT’s radiation dosage of fetus is usually equivalent to traditional CT.

Having said so much, the friends must be dizzy. In summary, the radiation dose brought by diagnostic X shooting, CT scanning and nuclear medical imaging examination is far lower than the dose of harm to the fetus.If it is necessary to combine them with ultrasound or MRI, it is recommended not to refuse and avoid.

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