After remarried, the infertile wife is pregnant with twins. When the child is born, the ex -husband’s family is completely messy.

Yan Yan and her husband are free lovers.They are high school classmates.After graduation, they are together.Before marriage, Yan Yan lived in her mother -in -law’s house actively, so when she finally got married, her mother -in -law did not give her a penny.

In the second year of their marriage, the mother -in -law’s house was demolished, the four apartments were demolished, and millions of money was demolished.The mother -in -law’s family began to be a bit arrogant when facing the sudden change of life.

The mother -in -law began to pay attention to Yan Yan everywhere, saying that she would do nothing except doing housework at home. Like someone else’s daughter -in -law, she would go out to work and dress herself.

The most important thing is to get married for two years without any movement.Mother -in -law slowly changed from abuse to abuse.

Husbands also started to be gorgeous when they had money. Other people’s wives were very beautiful. His wife was doing housework at home and a yellow -faced woman.I have no children yet.If I have children, I can divide another house.

Until her husband and a pregnant woman went home, her mother -in -law gave a notice of death.They divorced.Yan Yan told her husband that the child she was holding was definitely not his child.Her husband did not listen to her at this time.After Yan Yan divorced, the husband married a pregnant woman and entered the house.

Yan Yan later married an honest bus driver. Although life is not as rich as before, the husband is very good to Yan Yan.Later, he gave birth to two sons and daughters.

After the ex -husband knew the news, he couldn’t believe it because Yan Yan had never had a child because she had infertility.They knew themselves and dared not tell her mother -in -law.

Since children are born with bright colors, can they not have children?The ex -husband found the words, and saw that she was holding the child in her arms, and was shocked for a long time.Yan Yan told him that you can’t have children between us.I don’t want you to embarrass you, and be looked down on a joke.So I torn off the results of the medical examination very early and told you that I could not get pregnant.

When the current husband returned home, he saw his family and his wife fell off the plate and scolded his wife.Why?The wife also knew that things had been exposed, and she begged for forgiveness.

The poor couple are sad.Yan Yan is now happy to have her son and family, and the result of her ex -husband is now a reward.People must not forget their money and abandon their wife, right?


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