After reading these cold knowledge of pregnancy, you may be scared

After reading these cold knowledge during pregnancy, you may be startled!

1. From the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus will excrete the urine out of the body and then drink it, and then exclude the in vitro.

2. Most of the ingredients of amniotic fluid are sterile urine, so the previous one looks actually okay.

3. At 21 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus starts to produce fetal manure, but it will only be excreted after birth.It’s really "dirty".

4. The new mother and pregnant women will automatically secrete milk when they hear the baby’s crying, and even when they cry are not their children.

5. Newborns have a chance to grow teeth as soon as they are born.According to statistics, among the 2,000 children, a newborn will have teeth as soon as they are born, so if you are lucky to encounter such a thing, you don’t have to worry about it.

6. If the baby’s baby is pregnant, the proportion of mothers will increase the proportion of autoimmune diseases, and the mother may become forgetful.

7. Women’s uterus will extend to 500 times when she is pregnant.(Mom is really great) In addition to the uterus, the size of feet and heart during pregnancy will increase. Both feet are because the feet will retain additional liquid and water, and the heart becomes larger than the whole body.(It is a headache to buy shoes for pregnant mothers)

8. Pregnant mothers will "glow" during pregnancy.During pregnancy, the blood in the body of the pregnant woman will greatly increase. On the one hand, it provides the operation of their bodies on the other hand to transport nutrition for the fetus. These newly added blood will appear through the skin of the pregnant woman, and it seems to be glowing naturally.

9. Dad will also have a pregnancy reaction!This strange phenomenon is medical as "the pregnancy reaction of the husband".The main reasons for the reaction of the husband’s pregnancy are: psychological and physiological factors.

When studying the attachment of the fetus and father, the researchers found that "these men are so consistent with their wives. When their wives are pregnant, they also have the same symptoms."In another study, scientists have found that oxytocin has increased in expectant parents, and it is not much different.

10. Baby boys will erected in the uterus.Most expectant mothers are unwilling to go to the brain to make up for their son to support the small tent. Even if the sons are already in her teens, in fact, when the boys are still in the uterus, they already have this ability.However, don’t think that your baby is a little adult in his stomach. Such an erection behavior is actually unconscious!

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