After pregnancy, why does the feet grow bigger?Can you still be restored to pre -pregnancy?

Xiao Jing is a pregnant mother, and I can’t help complaining to everyone when I am in the third trimester:

"A child is destroyed. The previous clothes couldn’t be put in. I didn’t expect that the feet were still bigger. I used to wear 36 yards of shoes. Now I have to wear 38 yards. I don’t know if I can recover in the future?"

According to relevant survey data, 50%-70%of pregnant women will grow bigger during pregnancy.

What is the cause of this?

1. Physiological edema

There are many pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, and edema will occur. The calves and feet are easy to press one pit.Physiological phenomenon.

During pregnancy, in addition to her metabolism, pregnant mothers must also ensure the placenta cycle to meet the needs of the fetus, so the blood capacity increases.

Because the hormone (hormone) in the body changes, the sodium sodium in the pregnant mother is left.

Coupled with the gradual increased uterine compression of the lower cavity veins, the blood flow of the lower limbs is blocked, and the blood circulation is not smooth.

Under the comprehensive effect of a variety of factors, the pregnant mother has the phenomenon of lower limb edema during pregnancy, and the feet will become larger.

The formation of physiological edema during pregnancy is like a water pipe. It was originally unobstructed. Suddenly, somewhere was pressed, the water flow was unobstructed, and the remote end was naturally easy to bulge.

Especially for a long time, pregnant women who have been sitting for a long time have more obvious physiological edema.

Warm reminder: If the face and eyes are swollen during pregnancy, the degree of swelling of the hands and feet is severe, and even the whole body has swelling, or the situation of hypertension and proteinuria, be sure to go to the hospital for examination. This may be pathological edema.

2. Increase fat

If the pregnant mother’s weight growth rate during pregnancy is too fast and the nutritional intake is too much, which will cause excess calories, fat accumulation will occur.

3. Skeleton changes caused by relaxation

In order to help the baby’s "residence" and childbirth, during pregnancy, the placenta will secrete a pregnancy hormone -relaxation.

As the name implies, this hormone can cause pelvic ligament and inter -vertebral joints and ligaments to relax.

The joints and ligaments of the feet are also inevitable that they are also affected by relaxation, resulting in a slightly larger skeleton, and the feet of pregnant mothers become larger.

1. Relieve edema

In order to reduce edema, in addition to maintaining sufficient rest, do not sit for a long time, stand for a long time.

The gap between the work should be moved properly to increase the blood flow of the lower limb.When working, you can stretch your legs regularly, or put a small stool under your feet to relieve edema.

Do not eat too salty foods in your diet to ensure sufficient protein in your diet, which is conducive to reducing edema.

Before going to bed at night, soaking your feet with warm water will also help relieve edema.

2. Control weight

As soon as you are pregnant, pregnant mothers will easily become the "big panda" at home. All kinds of delicious, delicious, and serving, for fear of the baby in the stomach.

However, the growth of weight during pregnancy is too fast, which will not only increase the risk of pregnancy, but also increase the burden on the foot, compress the arch, and make the feet flatter and longer.

It is important to control the weight of the maternal and infant health during pregnancy.

3. Choose suitable shoes and socks

If the shoes do not fit the feet and too small, it will have a restraint on the feet, affecting blood circulation, and further increased edema.

The socks are not suitable, the socks are tight, which will also hinder blood circulation.If you need your career, you can choose elastic socks.

Choose shoes during pregnancy, mainly comfortable, large size, and the shoes must have anti -skid function to reduce the pressure of the foot.

Can I recover when my feet have become larger during pregnancy?Under normal circumstances, after giving birth to a child, the edema of the feet will gradually disappear.

My own situation is that I can recover, and it is probably that the baby is more than one year old, and the original size is restored.

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Of course, if the pregnant mother’s ligaments cannot recover the previous elasticity, the weight will remain the level of pregnancy, the degree of foot recovery will be reduced, and the longer the time, the more difficult it is to recover.

Therefore, after giving birth, can the size of the feet be restored to pre -pregnancy, which varies from person to person, mainly depending on postpartum recovery.

In life, most of the mothers who have returned to better postpartum have returned to their feet to look like before pregnancy.

However, a small number of mothers will become larger after giving birth to the baby and cannot recover.

Did your feet grow when you are pregnant?Is it back to the original now?

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