After pregnancy, why do pregnant mothers scare hot?Pregnant mothers are worth collecting, 4 relief recipes

As the saying goes, "fat fever", more people are more scared. In addition, pregnant mothers are more sensitive to heat.

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are very scared and they sweat.

After pregnancy, the body temperature of the pregnant mother is normal. The closer the output is closer, and the durability is weak.

Although there are air conditioners and fans, many pregnant mothers have suffered a lot of suffering.

It is difficult to get pregnant.In the cool summer, it will be more difficult during pregnancy, and 7 months of pregnancy are very painful.

Once my husband and I go shopping with my husband, I would think of buying some small clothes for my baby, but I just walked into the mall.I can not afford it.

At this time, my husband looked at Tao Tao.The clothes on the back were wet and asked her, "Are you so hot? So sweat.

The helpless AMoy said, I’m really hot, it’s cool here, let’s go.

Not only that, I dare not turn on the fan and air conditioner at night, and Taobao often wakes up.

This is also a small family, you can feel comfortable after you only have a shower every day.My friend told her that it was caused by hormones in the body.

From pregnancy, the movement of pregnant women has changed quietly.Most of the pregnant mothers will feel hot and difficult, and pregnant women are a fever. This is the foundation.

1. Holmes are affected

After pregnancy, the hormone level of pregnant mothers rose, and the body has a large amount of progesterone, estrogen, and yellow hormones.

The human hub regulating body temperature is very sensitive to yellow hormones and leads to high temperature.The body temperature of pregnant mothers is usually between 36.9 and 37.2 ° C.

2. Metabolism

With the increase of pregnancy around, the baby gradually becomes larger, and the blood flow of the pregnant mother has increased.

Not only meets the needs of pregnant mothers, but also provides energy for the baby.

The nutrition and exhaust gas of the entire pregnancy baby must be transported through the pregnant mother. The metabolism of the pregnant mother has accelerated, and it has a more terrible phenomenon.

3, internal heat body

Some pregnant mothers, before pregnancy, internal heat constitution, the body after pregnancy is more obvious and more afraid of heat.

The expedition has increased, or there may be problems.For urticaria, acne.

The mother who is pregnant during pregnancy is afraid of heat, which is not only disturbing, but the baby is uncomfortable. 4 ways can solve the calories

1 sewage fruit

First, summer fruits are "watermelon".Because of coolness and sweetness, many people are loved by many people.

But the content of watermelon is too high to not be suitable for pregnant mothers.

If the blood sugar is very high, you should eat less or not.Flowers and plants, cucumbers are also a good summer fruit.

Please note that no matter what fruits should pay attention to consumption, don’t remember too much, some are effective cold, which will cause pregnant women to suffer from gastrointestinal burden.

2 drink water

The calories are easy to sweat, resulting in water prone to water, so it must be supplemented in time.

It is recommended to take 1500-1800 ml of warm water (not drinking cold water) per day.Drink plenty of water and sweat, your body can metabolize calories and make pregnant women comfortable.

3 Cosmetic comfort

After pregnancy, you must be comfortable, choose cotton or label, breathable sweat.

Don’t pay too much attention to the style of clothes, comfortable and suitable, the mother is very comfortable, which is good for the baby.

Especially pants, do not wear, choose the waist, do not compress your stomach.

4 Binyu Park.

Summer is very hot, and the pregnant mother does not always blow air -conditioning and fans, and then they are a good choice to go out.

Mothers who are pregnant can be breathable, they can exercise, two.

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In summer, the hair drying air conditioner may make the motto of the pregnant seat feel comfortable, but it should be noted that the temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too easy to catch a cold.

After the air conditioner blows for 1-3 hours, it is best to open the window, turn off the air conditioner, ventilate and ventilate, and improve the air quality.

Because hotness can lead to the mood of pregnant mothers, sometimes adjust your mood and mood, and don’t let your baby feel your stomach.

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