After pregnancy, which stage is the most important stage?See what people say

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There is a custom in my hometown: three months before pregnancy, don’t talk about it!

In the words of grandma: the first three months is the most important stage during pregnancy, and there are too many uncertainty.

Therefore, after learning that I was pregnant, I had always been secretly, and I could only enjoy this joy alone.As a expectant mother, everything must be based on the baby’s health. Of course, everything that may affect him cannot be done.

Obviously in October, there are projects that need to be checked every month every month. Where you need to pay attention, why is it the most important thing in the early stages of pregnancy? This is where you have been puzzled after pregnancy.

Is it really the most important in the early pregnancy?

how to say?It is indeed critical in the early pregnancy. It is related to whether the baby can develop and grow healthy until the final healthy production.

If you compare your pregnancy to "breeding flowers", it is like a long seedling stage in the early pregnancy.Whether it can bloom in the future, the early soil, fertilization, watering, and sunlight are particularly important.

If this is an metaphor, I believe most pregnant mothers understand?It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, and there are some difficulties in the early pregnancy.

Especially the second month of pregnancy, it is "dangerous in danger."Judging from the previous inspection data, February of pregnancy is a critical period that can easily cause baby’s fetal stop and deformity.

Because at this stage, many pregnant mothers started to build files and began to be checked regularly as a "pregnant woman".Through B -ultrasound, you can understand the baby’s development dynamics in time.

This is why, three months before pregnancy, the biggest reason for the abroad.The main probability of abnormality and miscarriage in the early pregnancy is too high.

How to prevent accidents from early pregnancy?

No one is willing to accept the accident of the baby?Especially for couples who have been preparing for a long time and are difficult to get pregnant, this is definitely a fatal blow.

Everyone knows that the principle of "preventing problems before it" can be prevented by many things.As long as preparations are prepared in the early stage, the baby’s health can be ensured to the greatest extent.

From the beginning of pregnancy, the couple must prepare for pregnancy. Basic pre -pregnancy examinations and pre -pregnancy preparations must not be less.

Pre -pregnancy examination is to further understand the physical condition of the husband and wife, and exclude whether there is an accident in the process of pregnancy; pre -pregnancy preparation is to allow the couple to give birth to healthier babies, and both husbands and wives are prepared.

Before pregnancy, the couple must adjust their schedules to ensure sufficient sleep and energy; in terms of diet, they must also refuse big fish and meat, mainly with light and nutritious foods; of course, both the husband and wife must quit both; in the endYou need to pay attention to your mood. Only when you are stable and comfortable, can you be more conducive to pregnancy.

Next, I was waiting for pregnancy.When you are really pregnant, the test of the couple really starts.After pregnancy, pregnant mothers bear heavy responsibility, diet, mood, and living habits need to be adjusted slowly.

In addition, it is necessary to stay away from all factors that have radiation or teratogenic.Eat medicine, bad environment, virus infection … and so on, these factors are far away.

In addition to early pregnancy, these two months are also important

Even if you survive the early pregnancy, there are still a lot of difficulties, waiting for pregnant mothers and babies to break together.It is no exaggeration to say: during pregnancy, just like playing monsters, it was easy to pass through a level, and the next level was waiting for you.

In the middle of pregnancy: six months of pregnancy

In this month, the baby’s growth and development have basically been shaped.In the eyes of many pregnant mothers: Since the growth of the baby has become a foregone conclusion, what else do you need to worry about?

In June of pregnancy, the most important thing is health checkup, such as Tang’s screening and discharge examinations were completed this month.

What pregnant mothers must do is to maintain a good diet and sleep habits, and provide more favorable conditions for the healthy growth of the baby.In addition, according to the doctor’s instructions, go to the hospital for relevant examinations in a timely manner. Do not take it lightly.

It is undeniable that the cost of these two inspections is indeed relatively high.Therefore, many ignorant pregnant mothers feel unnecessary, and they do not cooperate with the doctor’s examination at all.

I really want to say: The necessary inspection is really no less!If there are really unexpected situations, you can also understand the information in a timely manner and make a correct judgment and choice in a timely manner.

Seven months of pregnancy: seven months of pregnancy

The more you go to pregnancy, the more you live, because there are too many premature examples around you.The examination of early and in the early pregnancy and the second trimester of pregnancy is very good. Why is it for seven months of pregnancy and suddenly premature birth?

In fact, there is no special standard answer to this question, because the actual situation of each expectant mother is different.What we can do is to check on time to protect ourselves.

At this stage, try not to do housework and work again to let yourself rest.In addition, develop a good habit of recording fetal movements, and always pay attention to changes in the baby baby.

From this point of view, on the way to conceive in October, each stage is dangerous.All you have to do is to maintain a good mood, develop good habits, and be a qualified pregnant mother.

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